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DirecTV Reviews

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  • Horrible Customer Service from Jessica

    I was told that an issue, not due to anything I've done, would prevent me from having access to my services for over 48 hours. This interruption in services was not remedied, but I was instead offered to pay $7.99 a month to fix a problem not caused by my own negligence. They did offer 30 days for free. I understand how most call centers function, so I requested to speak with the supervisor. I spoke with a woman name Jessica for less than 60 seconds. When explaining my concerns, she cut me off, became hostile and asked what I wanted her to do before handing the phone back over to Alex,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    briafy's Picture   briafy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bait and Switch Tactics

    Ordered on-line TV service with internet bundle. I asked specifically about internet service, speed and cost. Was assured their AT&T partner would handle all via a DirecTV bundle specialist. Nothing against AT&T per se, but apparently the DirecTV sales dude was supposed to verify UVerse service available in my area. He didn't as obviously he only wanted the order. Finalize TV order, even schedule install, then I call AT&T to set up internet. Well lo and behold, UVerse is not available in my area. Surprise surprise. Call back DTV, who then tries to bait and switch me... More...
    (Cable TV)
    maddballer17's Picture   maddballer17    0 Comments   Comments
  • Remote Control Problem

    The "Previous" button is located directly above the quick fast forward button. If you are paused in a live feed and you are fast forwarding thru the commercials it is very easy to accidentally push the previous button. If you do this and you are beyond the end of the show you are watching then the show you are watching is completely lost. I lost the entire presidential debate this way. It was really disappointing. More...
    (Cable TV)
    kingmick13's Picture   kingmick13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fit TV

    What happened to Fit TV?? I am a stay at home mom who is (or was) working out to Gilad at 9:00am everyday until January!!! What happened!!! There was no warning that things were going to change! I'm sure I'm not the only one who is upset about this! I'm sure other stay at home moms who were working out in the privacy and convenience of there own homes due to tending to there children and saving money by working out for free at home, are upset about this too!!!!! I COULD watch all the programs that are on Fit & Health TV now on Discovery Health and watched that channel as... More...
    fitmomathome's Picture   fitmomathome    38 Comments   Comments
  • BILL

    New custom under 3 months, I'm very upset with bill they told me one price and I got a higher price. I was charged for a free service. The rebate was not processed what else.I was told by customer services to make call after call to clear this matter after 5 calls I still didn't know what my bill was. You are told you get HBO,STARS,SHOWTIME free for three months I was charged from the get go $35.00 I finely got that credited but I still have to pay the full amount of the bill. I just want to be released form this contract, at no cost to me after all this I want out. I'll sent... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    SANDYlee's Picture   SANDYlee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund Scam

    I discontinued my service with Directv in Colorado on about May 24, 2008 and moved to PA. I was not able to get service at my new home in Pennsylvania in June 2008 because of line of sight problems. Directv kept billing me and I called in July 2008, went over my account and was told by Directv I had a $150 credit. In August I called asking the status of my check. I was told I had to send back a DVR. Directv sent me a mailer and I returned the DVR in early Sept 2008. I called in October 2008 again asking the status of my check. I was told that the check should be processed in... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    olmsted's Picture   olmsted    2 Comments   Comments
  • DirecTV is two faced

    They are promising a HD Service that is not even close to what they advertise! They are advertizing one thing and delivering another. After losing service again I call to cancel my subscription and are told it will cost me $380. By the way, if you call for technical help call me. I can tell you to press the red reset on your receiver and wait five to ten minutes for your receiver to reset. Or, if you like, unplug the power supply for 15 seconds and wait for 5 to ten minutes for the satellite to "find" the signal! Nice customer service! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    buzzbag's Picture   buzzbag    1 Comments   Comments
  • Channel Guide Ads

    I recently upgraded to an HD DVR and, for the most part, love it. However, the first week of April 2008 Directv began polluting the channel guide with advertising. These ads take up slots which would normally show programs meaning that it now takes more scrolling to go through the guide. I contacted directv asking how to stop the ads and they responded that there was no way for me to have the ads removed. Now they are downloaded, without my consent, advertising to my DVR. I pay over $100 month for service and directv has decided to force ads down my throat. Apparently, the only... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Juliedawson's Picture   Juliedawson    3 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service availability reduced by half

    I recently was notified in my DirecTV monthly statmenet that Live customer service availability has been reduced by 12 hours. The company provided the following notice: Beginning 4/12/08, customer service representatives for general care will be available 8am-8pm local time. For self-service, is available 24 hours a day. In January this year (2008) DirecTV announced a general price increase. I thought consumers that are contemplating signing up for DirecTV service should be aware of this alarming trend. On the 5 or 6 occasions that I have called Customer Service it has... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    mhkay's Picture   mhkay    0 Comments   Comments


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