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DirecTV Reviews

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  • Excellent Customer Service Agent Josh

    I called Directv for a issue I was having with ordering movies through my phone. The agent I spoke with was Josh and I couldn't have asked for a more patient, professional and kind agent had I ordered him personally. He is outstanding and I just wanted to thank him online as I did on the phone. All my issues were resolved and I very satisfied with Dierctv. Thank you Josh you are Amazing. More...
    (Cable TV)
    dc4602's Picture   dc4602    0 Comments   Comments
  • DirecTV Customer Service

    Today, 4 Jul 2015, I spoke with Pat, Employee # 100753272, at DirecTV. She was very professional & provided excellent customer service. Before I spoke with her I was contemplating switching to DISH Network but after our conversation I have decided to remain with DirecTV. Pat was knowledgeable, polite, friendly, & efficient. If I was an employer I would love to have Pat as an employee. Thanks DirecTV & thanks especially to Pat! More...
    Calvo47's Picture   Calvo47    0 Comments   Comments
  • service

    I switched to directv from charter because charter kept raising the bill there customer service sucked they were just sorry. Since my wife and i have had directv we have never been happier they work with us when we need an extention on a bill they are always helpful and friendly there service is great. It is by far the best cable/satalite provider we have had. I highly recomend them. More...
    jakelambert's Picture   jakelambert    0 Comments   Comments
  • Have only had one issue and it wasn't a big deal

    I have been a customer with DirecTV for nearly seven years. I get upgrade notices when I can get something cool and I always read and understand my agreement terms. Customer service reps are as nice as possible when you consider the COMPLETE JACKASSES they have to listen to all day. One guy told me that he has had people threaten his family. It's tv get over yourself. no billing issues because the one I had I caught in time to resolve since I am a GROWN UP and I take responsibility for my bank accounts by actually reading through the ledger. Props to the Phone Reps. You guys are... More...
    (Cable TV)
    TutaLee's Picture   TutaLee    0 Comments   Comments
  • DirecTv customer recommend

    I have been a DTV customer since 1998/99, it's been so long I don't remember. In the beginning I had problems, but they took care of my problem quickly and courteously, I have been loyal since. A million times better than my old cable provider ever did. Their Tech Reps are knowledgeable and friendly, customer service reps are as well. I ALWAYS recommend DTV to people looking to switch from other companies. They are hands down THE BEST in the industry. Well done DTV!!! More...
  • Directv is Great!

    Okay, so not all companies are perfect, in fact NONE are. Directv makes mistakes, that much is true. But honestly, I am sick of hearing "directv stole from me". BULL!!! You get a copy of the customer agreement when you start up! READ IT!!! It is not directv's responsibility if you do not read your contract. If you read it and don't understand, then ask questions! As a customer I have realized, if I have issues with overcharges or technical issues (which are few and far between), then all I have to do is call them up and bam, the problem gets resolved. Yes,... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Happy DirecTV camper

    I have been a DircTV subscriber for a few years now and the service, picture and programming are all great. What really separates it for me though is that whenever i have a problem, which is not that often, the customer service people are quick on the phone, courteous and really follow up. The one time a repair person had to come out they showed up on time and fixed the problem in a few minutes. I remember the days of cable tv with the endless runaround, hold and missed appointments. DirecTV keeps me humming. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    footballfan's Picture   footballfan    3 Comments   Comments
  • i work for directv in the...

    i work for directv in the technical support department. i admit we have some problems. But who doesn't. I get calls all day from people with simple problems. and usally a few simple trouble shooting steps will resolve the issue.But our customers don't want to hear that. We really do care about our customers and thier issues and do pur best to meet your needs. When you call screaming and cussing that one of your 7 tv's is out it's just not right. were just people. i'm not the head of directv. I'm just some guy in a little cubilce in a call center. I'm just... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    christian's Picture   christian    3 Comments   Comments
  • by pinkmoody ~ DirecTV now...

    by pinkmoody ~ DirecTV now reaches 30 million customers and is gaining over 5 million more each year. This is due to its superior satellite technologies and broadcasting lineup. I have been a customer since 2004, watching over 250 channels, including 15 HD channels, all for $99 per month. DirecTV just launched another satellite that will enable us - its customers - to receive up to 150 more HD channels. through the same system It will begin broadcasting only a couple of months from now. Customer service is great, you can order pay-per-view by remote, and even lease or buy an HDDVR... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)


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