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    Cancelled my contract with D TV, paid penalty fee and all monies owed, returned equipment in timely manner, have USPS receipt with date of 6/16/2015, spoke with customer service rep to confirm receipt of equipment, cust rep confirmed that equipment had been received during the week of June 21,2015 but as of the day we spoke July 9, 2015 it had not been noted into the System. If my equipment was received by D tv before the end of the 3rd week of June 2015 WHY WAS MY MONEY WITHDRAWN from MY CHECKING ACCT by DIRECT TV on JULY 220,2015 for NON RETURN of EQUIPMENT? GROSS INCOMPETENCE or is it... More...
    diane1954's Picture   diane1954    1 Comments   Comments
  • One of your Representatives from Miami, FL

    Hi, my name is Shaina under my stepfather's account Caster J. I adored your representative Cassandra's characteristics, diligence, and enthusiasm. I felt completely comfortable, and everything was explained efficiently. She solved your issues directly. If you have any questions or concerns, she doesn't mind to go out of her way to help you understand, and maintain confidence in the product. She explained everything so adequate, that I could help others and answer my peer's questions who were interested in getting Direct TV. She works well with adolescents. I appreciate... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jamieloverz's Picture   Jamieloverz    0 Comments   Comments
  • directtvcustomerservice

    yesterdayicalleddirecttvcustservicetoseekareductioninmybill.thecustomerservicerep,shaun-ein513610-wasrefreshinglyhelpful.isoappreciatedhischeerful,intelligentapproachresultedinapleasantandeffectiveinteraction.shaunwasabletooffersomelimitedreliefandhealsopresentedcost-savingalternatives.pleasepassalongmygratitudetothisexceptionalemployee. More...
    buzzie's Picture   buzzie    0 Comments   Comments

    For 4 months I have had in issue with Directv's automated phone system. When I call in I get the questions and prompts, but when it comes to the final step the auto system forwards me to a live Cust Serv Rep, where they charge 5.00 to make a live payment. for the past 3 months, I have tried to get this issue fixed but to no avail or remedy/resolution. The only thing I get is frustrated, pissed and empty apologies from reps who spout off about how great DTV. Since its now 4 months of wasting my time and getting empty promises and the run around I am about to cancel my account and go... More...
    JKNINLA's Picture   JKNINLA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billing Scam

    I regret changing from my cable service to Direct TV. I have been overcharged on every single bill when I was "promised a bill of $79.00 a month. They claim they are one month behind the phone company billing. Sorry, this is unprofessional and super frustrating because they lock you in a commitment. I have to wait another year and 1/2 before I can dump this company! As an educator, I cannot afford a $300 bill monthly! Do not agree to their "trial period" for movies...they will bite you. More...
    krisfigrsk8tr's Picture   krisfigrsk8tr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv Horrible Service

    Horrible service, I Moved and its been over a month and still haven't been able to get them to transfer the service even though they keep on charging me monthly when I cant even see anything. They charged me $200 just to transfer the service, tech showed up on 7/9/15 and said he couldn't get any signal, he told me that he would cancel the service himself but didn't. I called customer service and was told that if I wanted to cancel I had to pay over $300 on cancellation fees, when it isn't my fault that I cant get any service. Said that they had to send another tech and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jcesar0586's Picture   jcesar0586    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Tech Service

    I had scheduled a tech come to my house to fix the no signal I was receiving. He looked at at my dish on roof and refused to fix. it was Directv that installed my dish after they did a site survey. I have already lost 6days without programing and now another 4 days. Before the tech left he had the blessing of his boss. He claimed the roof pitch prohibited him from being on roof to fix. More...
    kf4ngk's Picture   kf4ngk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charges for everything

    I became a direct tv customer in March of 2015. Although they stated that the insatlation was free at costco I was charged for multiple things. The install technition told me that since I was installing a wireless receiver I had to pay a $100 fee to direct tv, then as the install continued I was presented with another fee. The tech had mentioned that since I had a tile roof I would have to pay another $100 for what they called an under auning instal, which required a different bracket. I decided to go with instal not knowing that future charges would come. I moved homes in June 2015 and... More...
    raulito73's Picture   raulito73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Acct: 21855680/ The Clayharvey

    To home it may concern please be advise on July 9th, I Dannyray Harvey called customer service to arrange a payment date on the 17th of July, this morning Monday July 13th my service was interrupted when i spoke to your supervisor agent she advised me that our account has a restriction from a return check in June 2015. If I had been advised of the restriction I wouldn't have made an attempt to arrange a payment date of 188 past due on our account. The customer service agent also help me with a problem with my box that wasn't responding. A new box was sent out, Thank you I've... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Direct TV and CenturyLink - RIP OFF

    Unless you plan on doubling your bill for worthless TV and slow internet, do not use Direct TV and CenturyLink. It looks great and all the discounts make sense, but after 12 months both companies practically double your bill. For example, I started off paying about $55 for Direct TV and $35 for CenturyLink internet. Not bad for the package and it made sense since Suddenlink charged the same price for less channels and slower internet. At the 12-month anniversary my cable jumped to $105 and internet to $70 - and no, this was the basic package for internet and the select package for... More...
    (Cable TV)
    samahart's Picture   samahart    1 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV

    I just got off the phone with DirectTv after about an hour. I have experienced the WORST customer service ever. Nobody knows how to help you and the just keep transferring you to person after person. I had to hang up on one of the ladies because was ridiculously rude. She was misunderstanding what I was asking for and then instead of listening to me she just kept over talking me and telling me she would have to charge me for new equipment since it had been more than 30 days.They advertise as having the best customers service but I only had one person out of five be polite to me within... More...
    lakeisha16898's Picture   lakeisha16898    0 Comments   Comments
  • direct tv

    6-12-15 I spoke to someone about my discounted bill he simply told me when I had asked him do i have to pay a certain amount and his reply was that I will have to the dicounted bill he never used the word generate of how your fucked up system work and I will be contacting new channel 7 about the stress yall have given me today 6/29/15 More...
    (Cable TV)
    niomi's Picture   niomi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directtv overcharging

    On 06/05/15 $105..93 was withdrawn from my bank for my monthly bill of Directtv. On 06/19/15 I called to have my Directtv cancelled. The ;person I spoke with set it up to have it disconnected on midnight of 06/21/15 since that would be the last day on the billing cycle. On Monday 06/22/15, I notice that $105.93 was withdrawn from my bank again on 06/19/15. I call Directtv and let them know of the situation and I'm told that its not showing up on their end. I explain that its showing up on my statement. I call my bank and they give me the auth # that was provided that the money was... More...
    shortgirl61's Picture   shortgirl61    1 Comments   Comments
  • suspended

    after years of being a DIRECTV customer, I was hospitalized for a brain bleed and the company DTRECTV claimed I didn't pay for services, I paid over $200 on 6-01-15 & 6-03-15 when I came home it had been suspended, I ask them if I could have it turned back on and I would pay for june and july for this year 2015, they never answerd me, people if you want satellite go to DISH like I am, If DIRECTV DOES NOT CONSIDER MY SERVICE OR DO NOT WANT ME AS A CUSTOMER I WILL SWITCH More...
  • Complete abortion

    Having tried to allow this horrific joke of a company almost 2 years to figure out how to provide TV service to my home - I gave up all hope and terminated my service today. Service does not work if it rains, if it is too hot, if my grandmother farts, if there is a slight breeze from the north, south, east or west. Complete garbage. We have had at least 20 incompetent service reps during this period of time. This joke of a company should be investigated by numerous States Attorney office across the country for outright fraud. What a joke. It's poorly run companies like this that are... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Slammed, tried to force me into contract, cancelled with balance, Direct TV sent me

    Visa card with the credit they owed me, thru Citibank, which I did NOT agree to them releasing my name & info for a credit/debit card. To get the credit owed, I had to use the Visa, which opened an account I did not want or agree to, so I cut the card up. They then sent a statment, charging the amount of the refund I was due, to make a zero balance. This company use to be great, however, they are criminal in how they treat customers. WILL NEVER allow them into my home again....BEWARE...there's no end to their slimy bs. tactics....was a customer since 2005, and they are yuk... More...
    (Cable TV)
    vca2015's Picture   vca2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Job Ron #U1936

    It has been several years since my experience with DTV has been pleasant when discussing my ever rising Bills.... Today my experience was overwhelming pleasant working with Ron employee #U1936, and his supervisor (Chad) was also incredibly pleasant when I made him aware of his employees ability to make the CUSTOMER HAPPY! Ron is very personable and a great asset to your organization, he truly is a problem solver. You should recognize his level of excellence! I only wish I had more employees like Ron and Chad. I am overwhelmed with the service Ron gave me!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! DK More...
    Dougkirk's Picture   Dougkirk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Donot even bother unless you want to be overcharged for nothing

    This is by far the worst cable service I have ever had to deal with. Every month it seemed like I was being charged for something new. The worst part was that they would give you absolutely no heads up or time to correct things before they billed you for the extra charges. It was just a guessing game of why my bills was an extra 40$. Every time I did try to call and correct things, I could not understand the person I was talking to making communication very hard. Also, if you want to cancel your service you might need to set an extra month aside just deal with them. They called me twice a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jewell's Picture   Jewell    0 Comments   Comments
  • moving disaster

    Rip off, will end service as soon as contract is up! Do not use this service. 238 to move service when dish network dies it fit free. 360 to end my contract. I always heard this company was crooked and will rob you blind. It's true, Jasmine is the representative I talked to both times I called and quoted me different prices each day. More...
    (Cable TV)
    doha's Picture   doha    0 Comments   Comments
  • DIRECTV Customer Complaint

    I have been a loyal customer since 2003 and I am upset because of my billing. I have upgraded my equipment on May 23 2015 and was told my bill will be one price for a year $106.13 a month . The very next month bill I got was $ 200.83 and I talked retention department after having on hold for Hour!!!! It's nothing he can do on his level. They are the one who talked me into upgrading that's odd. It seem with Directv theirs no such thing as customer loyalty . I am very tired of discussing my issue to customer service when you know you don't have the power to help. Beside the... More...
    1BOSSMAN's Picture   1BOSSMAN    0 Comments   Comments

    Thought we might improve our service and price by going to Direct TV, should have seen the writing on the wall though when it took 2 different visits to get the system working and then when we had the first big rain storm, we lost all service. Direct TV responded with a 9 day wait for re-connection and then service guy no. 3 told us the first two had not done the job correctly. The very next day we lost service again, took several phone calls to get through to anyone to try and schedule another technical visit. At that point we were over the Direct TV sales pitch - and we cancelled to go... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Horrible customer service!

    I write this post in hopes that my friends share my complaint and to inform others of a horrendous dissatisfaction I have with DirectTV. I have never dealt with a company with so much disorganization. As a first time customer, I was promised a plan at a cost that I never received. I was being charged for equipment I didn't even have. As a DirectTV customer, in order to receive Internet services, you have to also open an account with Verizon. An account opened for you by DirectTV so that you may receive a "bundled package" that offers you a discount from their partnering... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Blondiajr's Picture   Blondiajr    0 Comments   Comments
  • bundle problem

    I bundled with att and direct tv on April 29 at this time I was on the phone on 3 way w att and direct tv when I did the customer rep at directtv stated I would get 10 dollar discount but when I go to look and call again they told me that is not true. Why am I told and promised something to not get . I would like you guys to listen to this call and fix this problem pls contact me at my nameIss christina martinez More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Direct TV Customer Service

    I switched to direct TV from comcast and THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE! Direct TV has the worst customer service I have encountered in a very long time! It's like going back 20 years! To Direct TV customer service; It's not complicated, if someone has a concern, problem, etc. Fix it, that's all a consumer wants. Don't spew out policies and procedures what happened, what didn't happen. Listen to the customer and make their problem go away. My experience to date with Direct TV is they just add more problems, things to do, hassle on the consumer's end and hide behind... More...
    DaveT's Picture   DaveT    1 Comments   Comments
  • The Worst Cable Service Ever!!!!! Where did you get your meaning of On Demand is??

    Directtv does not seem to know what On Demand or PayPer View means. I order a movie by calling into the automated system and the system says my purchase was successful. I go to watch the movie and 4 minutes into the movie, it is telling me to purchase the movie. Are you kidding me. I called and the rep tells me I have to watch it at a certain time. Are you freaking kidding me. On Demand or PayPer View means I can watch it as soon as I purchase it, not hours later or days later. I was told originally by a rep some months ago that you had to record and when ready to watch, just pay for... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Incorrect Billing ruining my credit

    My name is Lucius Dawkins. There is a collection on my credit report for an account I've never had. The account # is 24860774. I called DirectTV and the person who answered my call agreed that this account number was not in my name. He advised me to go online to and fill out a form regarding this matter. I've looked for this form and, evidently, there is no such thing. Therefore, I'm submitting this ticket. I can be emailed at More...
    (Cable TV)
  • The Worst TV ever

    I decided to go with Direct TV because at first they gave me a great deal. Ever since day one I am having issues with my bills not being the same every month. And their customer service is 0. Every single representative tells you a different story, and you will never get what they offer you just to get you as a customer. To whoever is reading this, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH DIRECTV. One screwed up company that gets you into the contract and does all the opposite from what they promised before you agreed to the contract. DO NOT GO WITH THEM you will save yourself from phone calls that last 3... More...
    (Cable TV)
    sarma1111's Picture   sarma1111    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst experiece of my life

    We originally called Century Link to transfer our internet to our new house. The sales rep that handled this call talked to fiance about adding Dirctv to our Century Link internet and stated that our bill would only raise $10 dollars from what we originally paid for our internet. So my fiance said sure we will get it. The date was April 22. The rep 3-wayed me into the call, i was working and asked me if i was ok with it. I talked to my fiance very briefly during this phone call and basically asked her if getting Directv is what she wanted to do. I never gave any of my information to the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    AndrewWar83's Picture   AndrewWar83    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV property trespassing

    An employee came uninvited and without any appointment with us. He came and took pictures for 45 min. He did not ask permission or made any appointment to check on the equipment. That violates property rights and privacy issues. Direct TV claims it is a randomly selected call but when I checked further, there was no such random visit selected. Very troublesome and this is infringing on privacy and property trespassing issues. Monique Leclerc 2001 Woodcreek Rd. Williamson GA 30292 More...
    (Cable TV)
    Devakul1000's Picture   Devakul1000    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV, nothing smooth about leaving them

    I was with DirecTV for about 6 years. A little pricey but otherwise it's great, quality TV UNTIL you have to disconnect! I moved into a new place but could not get reception there. To make a long story short I returned my equipment on time, in an unpadded bag they sent and dropped it at the PO as requested. Since then I have had to chat with them on line and call them 2 times to try and get them to stop harassing me. I have received automated calls as well as 3rd party calls warning me I could be charged for the equipment. Congratulations DirecTV. You have turned a customer who used to... More...
    winzerchatt's Picture   winzerchatt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct tv: Program Series Auto View Next Episode

    The only issue I've ever had with DTV's programming interface, is a new feature that requires a viewer to choose within 5 seconds, whether or not they want to automatically watch the next episode in a series they are watching. This assumes that a person watches one episode after the other instead of changing to different programming. That's both absurd, and very irritating. Please at least consider revisiting this, in my opinion, poorly thought out feature. More...
    (Cable TV)
    robfordtv's Picture   robfordtv    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor service and extra charges at Direct TV

    Been with Direct TV for 12 years; having problems with both my DVRs freezing up and shutting off not getting total programs recorded. I call to get upgrade because system is very obsolete and was told it would be $397.00. I have paid for the equipment protection for all of these years and felt this was ridiculous. So I found that Dish would give me the wireless system including install for $119.0 I switched and what options I never knew existed. Called to cancel Direct TV service and they will send me a box to send back recorders but WHO IS GOING TO REMOVE THE DISH ON THE SIDE OF MY... More...
    Kcarmer's Picture   Kcarmer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv

    Absolutely worse experience ever with a cable company! It's basically a huge scam. Called to enroll into their supposed "bundle" package. Was told that I'd receive a guaranteed 2 year locked rate until I received my first bill. It was substantially higher than what I was told I'd be charged. I was also told that after the first year my rates would increase, so the rate I got initially wasn't accurate. Nevertheless, after literally being on the phone with them for over 5 hours, yes 5 hours, they said they couldn't do anything and that I'd be charged by... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jvg0432's Picture   jvg0432    0 Comments   Comments
  • DirecTV can't get rid of them.

    I was with DirecTV for about 6 years. A little pricey but otherwise it's great, quality TV UNTIL you have to disconnect! I moved into a new place but could not get reception there. To make a long story short I returned my equipment on time, in an unpadded bag they sent and dropped it at the PO as requested. Since then I have had to chat with them on line and call them 2 times to try and get them to stop harrassing me. I have recieved automated calls as well as 3rd party calls warning me I could be charged for the equipment. Congratulations DirecTV. You have turned a customer who used... More...
    winzerchatt's Picture   winzerchatt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Being charged too much money

    I was being charged for receivers that i didn't have and i called in on 03/14/15 , and the problem still wasn't being solved. This employee solved it and was very nice about it, he placed me on hold and would come back to check on me, he kept me informed on the process. I have been a customer since 2007. I would like to Thank him is name was Jacob employee #100848590 My name is Alitta Northington account # 38374538 More...
    (Cable TV)
    janett's Picture   janett    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Service, but still has a few flaws

    My parents had Direct TV while I was growing up, and lets just say, I missed it when i didn't have it. I am very glad to have direct TV again, and their promotional pricing is great (granted i know it will increase at the end of the year) I do think they could improve a few things, such as having a way to cancel these dumb Stars/Cinemax/Showtime/HBO stuff without talking to someone. They have an X Button online, which tells me to call their phone. I call it, get an automated system that makes it sound like I can cancel them, but then they wind up telling me i have to talk to a... More...
    Culvey's Picture   Culvey    0 Comments   Comments
  • billing explanation

    Directv account #11503887 HANS HUB location: 119 CEDAR DR., KETCHUM, ID 83340 billing period 01/06/15 to 02/05/15 and 02/06/15 to 03/05/15 I disagree with your billing - I need explanation of billing. Please respond in writing to my letter to DIRECTV, P.O. BOX 6550, GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO 80155, dated 3/9/15. Hans Hub More...
    HANSHUB's Picture   HANSHUB    0 Comments   Comments
  • television repair.

    i have been a loyal customer for several years paying way to much money. my wife recently added protection policy to protect all of our entertainment equiptment with an accidental damage waiver well as luck would have it just bumped into the tv and it started to act crazy she then called to see about getting it repaired and was told it was not covered unbelievable. i am very upset we have been a loyal customer for several years and to be treated like this is wrong if i had to replace this tv it would only be about $400.00 a drop in the bucket after all the years of paying well over a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    khalliburton's Picture   khalliburton    1 Comments   Comments

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DIRECTV Comments

elcrudup says: (7 months ago)
Need assistance with locating a Centurylink Internet Modem mistakenly shippedwith DIrect TV equipment being returned due to cancellation of m account with Direct Tv. The returned package was mailed via USPS on 28 Jan 2015. The info is provided to assist with locating the Centurylink modem:

Name on associated TV account: Annemarie Crudup
Account #: 72521845

I can be reached via email at or by phone at 925-498-9514.

Thank you.

Please contact me via email or call at 925-408-9514.

Thank you.

Please contact me via email at or by phone at 925-408-9514 for

littlecowan says: (9 months ago)
Worst service i have ever had. Many issues with then throught the years. False charges that i should not have had to pay... Customer service was NO help at all. I was lied to and then when I asked to talk to the employee that told me false statements, they told me they dont know who i talked to last... even though it clearly states before you call that "this call is recorded...". Lied to twice. Im glad I cancelled my service! Never deal with them again!

lupe13 says: (10 months ago)
I decide to get direct tv because my father had it and honestly getting it was the worst mistake. I just moved into a new house and I called direct tv told them what I watched and the channels I needed they installed it and one night after actually sitting down after moving in I relized I do not have any channels I ordered. I called them and and they will not help explained to them the situation that I watch sports and Spanish channels and they told me the dish they gave me was not compatible with what I wanted to watch or the channels I wanted. Now they saying for $143 they can give me another dish. I just want to watch TV not look for life out in space with all the dish I would get on my roof. They screwed up on the installation and now I have to pay for it. Thought of cancelation and they said fee is 450. So price just went up because it use to be 350ish. Dnt know want to do. Just stay away from these thieves.

quatrobird says: (11 months ago)
News Alert - Direct TV does not get on roofs. where you ask are the satellites, on the roof of course, So if you need to update or fix a satellite that is on the roof Direct TV does not get on the roof.

anonymously says: (12 months ago)
i can't stand direct tv at all i can't stand there annoying commical's from real customer!! like yeah BS just pure advertisements to make your company look good all these reviews i see read are real customers maybe this is what you should really be showing on tv let pepole see real one's not the fake people who had your money shoved in there pockets to make you look good to me cable direct tv is thing of past nowdays streaming the way go that's HD as well and there no annyoing commercial's on it either and cost be much less all you have pay for is internet only

dlorisingit says: (1 year ago)
I would like to know why I never received a phone call back from a manager. I had a horrible experience on July 18th with one of the supervisors in the call center. I believe that I gave plenty of time for a manager or director to call me back. The representative that I spoke to was very rude. I know that you have been acquired by AT&T which is one of my least favorite companies as far as customer service goes. I have been a Directv Customer for over 12 years which means I have spent over 12,000 dollars over the past year with Directv. I have always been very satisfied with my service. I have NEVER asked for anything for free. I had guests over at my house on July 18th and wanted to watch a movie. My movie was not loading. I called to find out what the issue was. I got a representative who said that I would need to reset my box. I told him in that case I did not want the movie because we were going to miss the first 15-20 minutes of the movie. My guests were only there for one night and would not be back the next night to watch the movie. I asked that he just credit back the 5.99. He totally argued with me for a long, long time over $5.99 and said that this would be my only one time courtesy for the life of my account. Really? After spending over 12,000 dollars with this company over 12 years. I can honestly say that I deserve better service than that. On TOP of that, we were not even going to watch the movie because it was too late. I was not even asking for ANYTHING for free. The supervisors name was David. His employee ID# was TPCL969843. I had asked him for the previous girls name and ID number that I had spoken to, because she was not even going to give me a credit at all. I had to ask for a supervisor, which is totally unheard of for 5.99 for a movie that we were not even going to watch because the Directv system was not working properly! Needless to say. This was a horrible experience and I am looking for a new company to provide our TV service. I asked for a manager or a Director at the time I was on the call. DAVID said that he would have to have someone call me back. I said ok, but if I do not hear back from someone, I will blog and cause chaos all over the place regarding the service that I received. He obviously did not believe me..........

emensching says: (1 year ago)
DirectTV is charging me an early termination fee because my condo cancelled their contract with them FORCING US to have cancel and to return our equipment within 21 days or pay 400 dollars!!!!

MAMABEAH says: (2 years ago)

MAMABEAH says: (2 years ago)

sjbean68 says: (2 years ago)
Direct tv is getting disgusting. They keep taking away tv channels but get no discount on our monthly bill. All they do is take and take some more and get nothing in return. All these infomercials they have on are a big fat joke that we are paying for. Give us some good quality tv worth watching maybe you would not be losing long time devoted customers. I am seriously thinking of dropping direct tv when the weather gets good, like April or may.

Another unhappy customer s. Bean, by the way, weather nation stinks, bring back the weather channel and insp. Get rid of all the garbage you have on!!!!!!

kathypev says: (2 years ago)
Please put The Weatjer Channel back into my programming (for zip code 28792 customers. The replacement proramming, Weathernation, cannot compete either in content or convenience.

monica1960 says: (2 years ago)
I just recently changed back to Direct TV. This was the biggest mistake I ever made. I'm reading about other peoples complaints and it is what other people experienced. Unfortunately I should have read the reviews before I switched. I learned a valuable lesson on that one and will switch as soon as possible to a provider who wants my business and is willing to provide me with a technician if I ask for one. Seriously, I have satellite TV for about 10+ years and have several bad experiences, but Direct TV tops it. I called this morning at 7am after nothing that a service which is not even 2 month old again does not work. They had me and my sick husband crawling on the floor for hours insulting my intelligence( Don't I sound smart enough to figure out if my equipment does not have power? Apperatly not. I told this people over and over that we did not have a signal and that we needed to have a technician come out and fix the problem. After arguing for hours with them calling back and forth I was promised by one of their representatives that somebody would come out today and fix the problem. I was told to expect a call within a hour to be told the time the tech would arrive. They called alright and made my sick husband crawl on the floor again knowing full well that he is disabled and cannot do this. I even was promised by the so called representive that this would not happen. Guess what it did and this was all they did. Nobody came out to my house to fix my problem. Instead they tried to talk me in to wait to Thursday, which is impossible for me since I watch the traffic reports before I leave the house in the am since I have to drive to Atlanta and sometimes farther to just go to my job. I need to be informed and this is the only way to obtain this information as well as information on weather not to talk about that after a hard day at work I relax in front of the TV. This is of course not possible due to the incompetence of the Direct TV installers who did not set the Satelite up right and then the incompetence of all the representatives who answer the phone including supervisors. We are paying for service we are not receiving as wellbeing deprived of our oliest form of entertainment and don't even had bad weather etc to cause the outage. The installers not interested to come to Tayorsville unless they have nothing better to do. Don't forget I have the service for not even 2 month and it is not working. When I first signed back up with them they made me all kind of promises which made me leave Dish. I was not told installers would refuse to come out here, because when I first set the services up I set the appointment up for a Friday which would have given me plenty of time to cancel Dish etc, but they played on my husband and called him on Thursday and asked could they come on Thursday. Trying to be nice he agreed. I should have know right then and there something is wrong. Why would I have to make a appointment if I wanted it done on a different day. Then the installer who came had the worst attitude ever. They are nice and make all the promises in the world until you sign up and the nothing. This is unacceptable and I wish to be able to find a Lawyer who will file perhaps a call action law suit or just a regular law suit against Direct TV, because Consumers like me need to be protected. We have rights too. They should not make false promises and the have subcontractors who don't want to do the job and to lazy to come to places where they messed people up previously with not setting equipment up properly and or using faulty equipment to begin with and then refusing to come out here and make it right. I would not be so upset if they just said ok we got cought lying and we will refund your money let you out of the contract and you can go with somebody else. They force me to stay in a contract which was made between I and them with them using false information using practices like not telling people that installers have no interest in coming out here etc. This is calling for a good lawyer. Give people the right information to begin with and don't coax them in a contract with false promises. Also have your installers be more friendly and customer oriented as well as trained well. Everybody I called ther made me repeat everything which was said at least 3-5 times in order to trip as done by the police if they suspect somebody lying, because people are unable to tell the same story 3+ times without it changing, but since there was nothing to lie about I had told the same story over and over like a idiot. They treated me like a incompetent lier and I would tell everybody to read reviews before they sign up with anybody and surly stay away from Direct TV. Signing up with them was the worst decision I made in a long time. Never ever again. Can't wait to get out. Any suggestions what to do???

mangus35 says: (2 years ago)
Well, we originally had Comcast before we moved. We weren't extremely satisfied with them so we decided to try out direct tv when we bought our new home. I called and spoke with their sales person and he asked about my internet. I told him I did not have internet and did not intend on getting it. He told me that was absolutely no problem at all and then continued to sell me on how great the on demand feature is. Well when the tech showed up to hook up our equipment, to my surprise he asks where my internet is. I tell him we don't have it and he says well that's a problem because now you cant use on demand or watch any movies or any of the other features requiring internet. So we give in an get internet. Well no matter what on demand still never works and we're constantly being disconnected, movies don't load, and it just shuts off if we do get a movie or show to start. We were also told we had 30 days to decide if we wanted to keep direct tv or not. So today we call to cancel and they do nothing but fight with us even after we explain everything. We were also told now that we did not have 30 days but instead only 24 hours to decide. That's kind of tough to decide when we didn't even have internet at first. Now they want to charge us almost $500 to cancel and on top of it told me its my problem to get the dish off of my roof now. They're all scam artists and liars. I cant believe places like this actually get business from anyone.

iam1darksoul says: (2 years ago)
I was given a price for a bundle on 12/10/13,after paying the deposit i was shuttled to their affiliate comp. ATT for bundle service. Was told I had to pay ANOTHER deposit as well as the home phone service (that i thought in paid for in the initial deposit) wasn't available. I decided on cancelling the whole mess and asked for a refund of my first deposit.I was told it would take up to 5 days. i later checked my statement and found not only did they chargec me the first deposit, but an additional deposit (to ATT) as well as the first payment.(done without my card number or authorization!) I contacted direct tv on 12/11/13 to dispute the billing ans was told i had to contact ATT. I did and they had no record of pulling the deposit but after careful review was established that the direct tv "agent" had authorized the deposit without my say so..I have made over TEN hours of calls over the last 6 days to no avail.I have filed a dispute claim with direct tv with no results. I have currently secured a lawyer to settle this.. as of 12/18/13 (6 days after the initial cancellation)I have still not seen my refund.. i would NEVER recommend ANYONE use this company! They are nothing more than a den of liars and thieves!!!

doomday515 says: (2 years ago)
Directv told my family that they would bundle up on a new thing for the system and said all the movie channels and Sunday ticket would be free with no extra cost at all and that great stuff then the family's bills are usually 139.00 then now sense they gave us all this "free" channels and packages and everything now are bill is up to 264.89 which is ridiculous because they added up everything on which was supposed to be free so now they said they will take everything off the next bill and well after everything is over with the free channels i think it is time for us and the family to switch to a different thing because this isn't the only time they have done this to us and i think its pathetic that they screw around with us over this so now i think Directv is one of the worst satellite TV programs out their i feel sorry for whoever has to stick with it and including the customer support they are just as stupid as what we are going through because they think they know everything and wont listen to a dime on what we the customer's are trying to tell them so hopefully after reading this it might change a whole new deal on peoples minds and options on directv like it has done with me and my family never again will i have it in my house id rather have medicom tv now instead of Directv

seriously0 says: (2 years ago)
I signed on with DirectTV a month ago at a Best Buy store where a representative approached me to offer a chance to switch. They said I had free movie channels for 90 days and I was eligible for a gift card rebate with Best Buy. First, I receive a bill for more that I agreed to. I called to clear this up. Then a postcard that I did not quafify for the gift card. I called 800-508-1232, 800-531-5000 & 888-333-7975 where again they were going to transfer me, I asked for a supervisor and was told someone would call me back today or tomorrow. I was told I was not eligible for the gift card because it was outside the time to sign up, the other guy said it was the Best Buy store that did not honor this rebate. Wow, great excuses so I was provided false advertisement. Lmao I have never in my life had to deal with the worst Customer Service ever. These people DO NOT KNOW what they are doing. Not even the supervisor had time to resolve the issue. I am assuming they were on the phone with other complains as I see here must be enormous. Wow!!

DownWithDirec says: (2 years ago)
TERRIBLE! We have had DirecTV for 5 months and they are charging $231 to come out and do 20 min worth of work since we moved so early on in our contract. I talked to a supervisor and they were even absolutely NO help! Just kept telling me that "since I was a new customer they could not do less then $231." She even acted like they were doing me a favor by giving a "discount" from the actual $500 installation fee! WHAT! Who in their right mind can justify $500 for 20 min worth of work! This company is a bunch of crooks and would never recommend them to ANYONE! they would probably charge you $100 to refer a friend instead of give. DO NOT GET DIRECTV! EVER!

Llthomas04 says: (2 years ago)
Wow, now I see why the threat of writing a complaint and canceling service had no affect on the representative at directv. DO NOT deal with them!!! Not only do they treat customers terrible once your under contract but they are crooks!!!! Moving 1 mile down the road and they want 180.00 to move the service. They would rather lose the customer. Wish the CEO's of this company would go on "undercover boss" what they could learn!

kaarle says: (2 years ago)
NEVER USE DIRECT TV!!! I ordered the "Genie" which they advertise for $39.00 and even quote this over the phone. When you get your bills they are well over $150!!!! They even tell you when they sign you up there is no contract and can cancel at any point in time. I called to cancel since they did NOT follow the quote they gave me. I asked for a manager to call me on 4 seporate occations and the last manager even confirmed no one made an attempt to contact me!! They then told me it would cost $450 to cancel my service and they sent me a contract, which they never did nor did I sign! I disputed this amount and they automatically took the amount out of my account! I have filed with the Better Business Bureau and recommend every one does the same! Crooked business and will scam you out of hundreds of dollars!

kaarle says: (2 years ago)
NEVER USE DIRECT TV!!! I ordered the "Genie" which they advertise for $39.00 and even quote this over the phone. When you get your bills they are well over $150!!!! They even tell you when they sign you up there is no contract and can cancel at any point in time. I called to cancel since they did NOT follow the quote they gave me. I asked for a manager to call me on 4 seporate occations and the last manager even confirmed no one made an attempt to contact me!! They then told me it would cost $450 to cancel my service and they sent me a contract, which they never did nor did I sign! I disputed this amount and they automatically took the amount out of my account! I have filed with the Better Business Bureau and recommend every one does the same! Crooked business and will scam you out of hundreds of dollars!

DaveTony says: (2 years ago)
I began a two year contract with Directv (Dtv) in December of 2010 & also established shared billing with the telephone service provider in the area, AT&T. In November 2012, I contacted Dtv to inform them that I was moving to a new residence at the end of December, and that I wanted to reduce my service to a minimum of programming for the remainder of my contract. I also asked about the best timing for discontinuing the service at the old address, explaining that I would make my move over the month of December, and finally be staying at the new address in January 2013. The Dtv representitive told me that my contract would be completed by the 3rd week of December (after I prompter her by saying that I would be a free agent before the end of the year), and after that, I could get any promotional offer for discounts or bundling that new customers could get.
I then visited the Verizon (telephone service provider for my new address) through their website, and received an offer for a phone, internet, and Dtv bundle for $113.00 after the installation, shipping, handling, equipment purchase, tax, and fees (O.K., pretty normal set of junk fees). I was offered the same programming I had enjoyed for the past two years for about $45 less (overall with the phone and internet) than I had been paying with this new Verizon bundle, I was stoked!
I ordered the Verizon bundle the last week of December and the phone and internet was ready and working by the 28th, and Verizon said that the Dtv installer would contact me between the then and the 1st week of January to get the dish and boxes installed. On the 3rd, I contacted Verizon, and asked about the Dtv install, and after some time on hold, I was told that the Dtv part of the order had been canceled, and after another longer hold I was told that because I was already a Dtv customer, the bundle offer was not valid for me and to seek out a TV provider on my own. Several days and attempts later, I got the Verizon and Dtv folks on a conference call ( I know, I was amazed) and after a lot of discussion, it was determined that AT&T has some kind of hold on me through the shared billing.
So, here I am, a free agent (redundantly) wihout a contract with Dtv, effectively a new customer at a new address, and I am denied promotional discounts due to an association with a 3rd party contracted with Dtv to process billing for them.
I have enjoyed the filleting the whiners get at this post, and would hope for no less if anyone thinks that I am wrong for being convinced that I have highly likely cause for seeking damages from either AT&T of Dtv or both. Hit me with your best shot!

penny298 says: (2 years ago)
We have had directtv for about four years now and have very little to complain about. We are an elderly couple who Extremely enjoy The Game Channel. We find ourselves staying up til all hours of the night playing slingo and other games. It will be dearly missed in our household. I hope directtv will reconsider canceling this channel. Let us be the first to know if you reinstate it. :(

sylva1970 says: (3 years ago)
I just got my bill for March and it went up $3.00 and my sales tax doubled. I'm tired of paying for so many infomercial - shopping channels. I now have 3 QVC channels - 70 - 275 - 317 - so I'm paying for so many channels but I have 3 of the same one.

nyankniciants says: (3 years ago)
All lies from the beginning all the salesman wanted is to get your credit card number as fast as they can.
How can this business exist, I will never stop finding places on the internet to give them bad reviews and I will tell everyone that i know to stay away from DirectTV.
It's a rewarding feeling to help other people it feels like I have a duty now, I can't let other people spend their hard earned money to waste and make these thief and scammers' fattened and victimized more people.

stadyedie says: (3 years ago)
Worst customer service I have encounter
November 23 2013 DIRECTV installer of this company broke one of my windows on my house Jess LA Croix told me he had broken shatter with his lather up that point Honesty from this employee was fine Then when he gave the phone number for the complain department it took me about three weeks for getting in touch finally it very interesting A letter was send to my address stating I had to take picture reappraisal of damage done to the window 2/12/2013 I call to resolve the issue to no avail I pleaded with then to listen carefully of what my problems were just got out of the hospital pneumonia they still insist that I follow there protocol because it was to expensive for then to take pictures of damage find a Setubal to take care of this problem The weather in Cleveland has not cooperate cold and windy even suggested that the technician could take picture gong backwards again tried to repid what I I should do to get window repair instead saying we will getter done our self what accompany with terrible customer servisee

thulse says: (3 years ago)
I an a senior citizen who has been charged hundreds of dollars to my credit card with out justification! 3 times in one day!

I have tryed my hardest to resolve this madder but in the last two days I have been on the phone with your company for over 8 hours talked to 14 people 3 supervisors been hung up on 8 times been lied to cheated and been treated like a dirt bag. I cant believe you get away with treating your customers like this. when I get done here I am setting up as many web sites that I can telling the world about your services and how you treat your customer's! I will post all of the prof I have (which means nothing to you) I will post on all of my blog's all over face book, I am going to start a tweeter account with the name of and any were else I can find!! If you don't care then nether no I!! believe me when I say I don't give in to intimation like this!! I will get even I know you might teach your employees that lying and cheating people is what your company is all about!! But when I get done with you it will be posted for the world to see! in the morning I will be posting to all of my Masonic groups, ,AARP ,,Alliance for Retired Americans,National Senior Citizens Law Center advocates, American Society on Aging, International Council on Active Aging ,National Council on the Aging (NCOA), National Council of Senior Citizens,Retirement Net ,Savvy, This is just what I am doing in the first day! If I can spend 8 hours on the phone with your company and get no were. I can spend 8 hrs a day on the internet telling my story. I have lots of time on my hands and like to stay bissy. now I have a reson. I am so upset I feel like I might have a stroke! That will be on you.I will be very surprised if I hear from you! Any company that treats there customers like this most not have someone in charge that cares! It is very sad when this is the way you treat senior citizen customers!

PowWowSimple says: (3 years ago)
Is there anyone out there listening to us victims of our complaints? I think the State Attorney General should look into Direct TV's practices.
They say we should read the fine print. Rightly so, but when you are talking about a person's bank account or credit card, this type information should be spoken to potential customer.
I consider this illegal unless you were made verbally aware at the time of accepting the terms.
When the conditions which they deem important, they read to you for acceptance, they fail to mention something so "mundane and unimportant" as money or bill payment for services or your credit being maxed out or your account is thrown into "NSF" mode.
Where do we need to start? DirectTV is literally robbing its customers.

Maynard503 says: (3 years ago)
In Portland Oregon we cannot get Oregon Duck Football Games and are unable to get Portland Trail Blazers basketball... we did not know this before we signed with tem and now we are stuck in a contract... DO NOT BUY this service as many chennels which comcast offers are extra. They won't let us out of our contract so I am stuck having to travel to see games.

jimforbes says: (3 years ago)
When is Direct TV going to carry PAC 12 Channel?

ronw says: (3 years ago)
where is pac 12 sports ?????????????????? dish solved the problem why don't you

chase1 says: (3 years ago)

kaja1022 says: (3 years ago)
I have been a Direct member for 6 years. Over the last several years the service has gotten worse and prices have steadily climbed. It got to the point that over half of my channels where not coming in and was told it would cost $100 to move my dish.I finally had enough and cancelled my service and told them to send my final bill. Now the person I talked to while closing my account told me I would recieve my final bill and have time to pay my bill. They took money out BEFORE I even recieved my final bill, they took $45 which happened to over draw my account. when I called them they said there was nothing they could do and was informed I had had plenty of time to pay(I still haven't recieved my bill). So I asked how much I still owed and was told $139.76. I made the payment Friday,October 5, 2012. As I'm making my payment online I notice that there was an additional charge of $63.71 on my bill. I paid $140.00 and called them again. The guy I spoke to said that it was PPV charges from 2010. I spent an hour on the phone and was finally told that it would be taken off and I would have a zero balance. I asked if he was sure and that my account wouldn't be charged again. he assured me that it was taken care of. I just checked my account this morning and saw where they withdrew the $63.71. I tried calling and was told that once my account was closed they couldn't refund any money, so I asked for a supervisor. After a hour on the phone the supervisor finally got on the phone and said they were valid charges for PPV from 2007. I was I thought I was told 2010. He said no it was from 2007 and that I would not be refunded my money. When I asked to speak to someone above him, he says "there is no one above the supervisor" and hangs up. So frustrated!!!! How can they get away with stealing people's hard earned money???

Bcamry02 says: (3 years ago)
I am so mad at direct tv.. They scam artist poor customers service. I was hung on, transferred all around. Charged for NFL ticket that we always have them post on our account NEVER ADD NFL ticket. Was told we had credit on previous account. Now they say we actually owed them, and they applied credit to old balance. Bull Crap. They STOLE my money!!!!!

ihatedirecttv89 says: (3 years ago)
I just hate how direct tv reel you in with their packages. First they promise that you will pay a flat rate pay for one year, then they say they need a credit or debit card on file that way they can pull the money off every month. Now the for the first three months were cool they lived up to the promise of a flat rate pay ( which in this case was 29.95), then all of a sudden the fourth month rolls around and my bill goes up to fifty, then fifty became sevnty, and so on until eventually it reached one-hundred and twenty. So just now i was flipping through the channels and i notice how sorry as direct tv is constantly comparing their uck butt ass prices to dish network, can you believe they hd the nerve to talk about how dish network raised thier prices after three months? Its bullshit reality check direct tv and all you sorry ass money hungry trick representatives, FIX YOUR OWN PRICES BEFORE YOU START TRYING TO GLORIFY YOURSELVES AS BEING BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CABLE COMPANY, THE TRUTH IS YOU MOTHERFUCKAS SUCK. And i sure cant wait til my contract is up with you BITCHES. Its a damn shame how direct tv trick people into low prices and then lock them into a two year contract. Get your SHIT together dirct tv.

likamytv says: (3 years ago)
:mad:After 2 years of Direct TV They have Screwed Their Customers out of Millions of Dollars :( and will continue to do so I am going to contact the News try to Post as much as I can Its not Fair to the Direct TV Customers. I ended my ordeal with Direct TV and was told to Just turn in Boxes and My account would be Clear Come to find out They added Bogus Charges and now I owe which I shouldnt owe at all If your a Direct TV Custiomer I will Pray for you all. No one should have to deal with the undue stress that Direct TV causes please evaluate your Bills Carefully I know in my heart that this company is not right. One more thing never give them your card number they will Take your money without notice or approval

eddieb96 says: (3 years ago)
I got a co worker to switch to direct TV after I told him about how cheap and awesome direct TV was or I thought it was. So the refer a friend sounded awesome he gave them my info and about a week or so later magically the information is not in the system so not only did we get lied to we are both stuck with these direct TV for 2 years and don't have a clue what we will be charged month to month. Customer service is just flat outrude and could care less about the customer just wants to get off the phone as soon as possible. I don't know how a company can be in service for this long treating customers the way they do

78colorado says: (3 years ago)

We've been loyal customers for years. I used to be someone who would rave over directv and tell them not to use anything else. Well recently we fell on real hard times. Both my husband and I had lost our jobs and had no money whatsoever. We couldn't pay the bill so they cancelled the service. Now 2 months later without having service at all from them they have overdrawn our account over $300. I contacted my cousin-in-law cause she is a at home tech person for directv. She told me to call billing. I did the service was closed for the day. I told her this and she said it doesn't close til 1am. So it was like what utter bull. Then she's proceeding to tell me all the bs on the agreement and how they used the cc attached to our account. I was like we didn't have a cc attached to our account. So basically they took whatever cc well acutally our debit card that we had paid the bill with in the past and attached the payment without prior notice and without autorization. I'm so furious because I wasn't trying to avoid the bill it's just we've had no money and what little we've gotten from selling things has gone to buying diapers and wipes and food for our baby and other child. I was actually happy because I just got hired at a new job a few days ago and start this week, and now I get to go into this job with our account over drawn, nothing of any real value left to sell to even come up with $300 to cover the cost, and not knowing when my pay periods will be, so yeah nice big F YOU came from them today.

See I never used local cable because I didn't think they had the extra cartoon channels, etc like directv did. Well I just added internet services last week from the local cable company because my husband had finally gotten a job and got his first paycheck. I decided to just add the cable service for tv too because I wanted to be able to watch the olympics. I was between directv and the local cable, but decided to call the local cable to see what deals they had. Let's just say I'm super Happy with the local cable company not only do they have the extra channels, but they have on demand, we have the hd channels and love 'em. I've been catching up on some shows I've missed, etc. We will never ever go back to directv. They are simply awful, we paid for so many channels we never watched, etc. I also love the fact that the local cable still has all the channels that directv just screwed it's customers out of. Their excuse cause they didn't want to charge their customers extra because the networks wanted more money. Yeah like that makes sense. Let's drop 25 channels and still charge customers the same price eventhough they no longer have access to those channels. It doesn't really surprise me. I've been trying for months to get into their at home techs so I could work and provide for my family and be home with my kids. All my equipment passed their tests. Well they won't hire me saying I'm not qualified to do the job eventhough they have training. So I'm not qualified but someone who's not worked in 20+ years or who was retired but can't afford to live on social security and can't use a computer well is? That's who they mostly hire is elderly people who don't know how to use a computer. Most of the calls in to tech are to someone's home eventhough they're supposed to pretend they're in a office. Well I'm glad you didn't want to hire someone who does have some experience and definately knows how to use a computer, type, and has done customer service and sales as a call center rep before. So glad cause I'm going into a much better job in my opinion and directv is just gonna continue to lose customers because they hire inexperienced elderly people to try and solve problems, and yeah generally I think they have only probably 1 in 1000 workers that truly do care about us the customers. My cousin-in-law included as one of the good ones. Regardless as what most people have made for comments on here run the hell away from directv don't walk.

deemobee85 says: (3 years ago)
Will my price be adjusted if you decide to delete some channels?

deemobee85 says: (3 years ago)
I received a message across my tv screen saying 25 channels were going to be dropped. Is there going to be a price adjustment? & why are there so many B S channels that people don't even watch? There can be one particular channel you like and have to upgrade to a totally different package!!! That is a total ripoff!!! :( If I wasn't ini contrac

artkit says: (3 years ago)
After receiving a promo in the local newspaper, we inquired about having direct installed. one thing that was very important to us was the availability of at least one Boston station, which we'd heard were unavailable in our market. After conversations with customer reps we were told that if we subscribed, we'd not only get one Boston station but we'd be receiving two of them as part of our channel line up. It wasn't until installation was complete that we were receiving no signal no from either Boston channel as promised and another call to Direct informed us that both customer reps we'd spoken to earlier were mistaken, there are no Boston channels available in our area.
The following day I discovered that the installation tech hadn't programmed one of my remotes so i called to have him come back and take care of it only to be told that direct doesn't send service people to do the, she'd have to help me over the phone, which i declined. My feeling was that it's not a service call because the installation was never completed by the installer and he should come back and program the remote as part of the installation process as it had been explained.
I'm now considering cancelling my service and having everything removed and going back to cable which in over 35 years, I've never had a problem with..........

artkit says: (3 years ago)
After receiving a promo in the local newspaper, we inquired about having direct installed. one thing that was very important to us was the availability of at least one Boston station, which we'd heard were unavailable in our market. After conversations with customer reps we were told that if we subscribed, we'd not only get one Boston station but we'd be receiving two of them as part of our channel line up. It wasn't until installation was complete that we were receiving no signal no from either Boston channel as promised and another call to Direct informed us that both customer reps we'd spoken to earlier were mistaken, there are no Boston channels available in our area.
The following day I discovered that the installation tech hadn't programmed one of my remotes so i called to have him come back and take care of it only to be told that direct doesn't send service people to do the, she'd have to help me over the phone, which i declined. My feeling was that it's not a service call because the installation was never completed by the installer and he should come back and program the remote as part of the installation process as it had been explained.
I'm now considering cancelling my service and having everything removed and going back to cable which in over 35 years, I've never had a problem with..........

happyinNC says: (3 years ago)
After a bad day, calling direct tv was not what I wanted to do. We had been over charged and in need of a new rate. Although we didn't qualify for the promotion b/c it is for new customers only, Dominique (the agent) was awesome! She credited us for the HBO we had cancelled and been charged for and she got our monthly bill rate down $20. All in all she helped knock $40 off the monthly bill. We were ready to go to Dish but she saved us :). The gentleman we spoke to before her had a great personality and was helpful as well. Great experience!!

cheapnewcaps says: (3 years ago)
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badtraci says: (3 years ago)
I am a new customer to Direct TV and am already regretting my decision. When I first spoke to a employee on the phone one of the things I wanted to make sure you had was on demand, which I was told you did, at no time was I told you had to have a high definition box to receive it. When I called last week I asked about it and the credit for being a auto pay customer and was told now that I am a customer I could not get the credit. Had I been told up front about needing the box and that with the auto pay credit it would of not really cost me any more I of course would of gotten it. I have several neighbors that were thinking about switching to Direct TV but I will now not be recommending they do so. I just wish I would of been informed in the first place, I was told I was going to
get a service now that I don't!! D tv did get back with me and said they were sorry but could not change anything!

todays1 says: (3 years ago)
Direct TV is a great company. Good customer service, Very heplful with any questions I have ever requested. My signal is usually very good. Thanks a satisfied customer in Texas.

ldwh says: (4 years ago)
I have had direct tv for a long time and recently upgraded and of course had to sign a new contract. I regreted doing this immediately as I had to call several times when my cable went out. They actually had a 7 day repair window - can't believe that. I was also told on two occassions that I would get a credit but never did. Now, I am moving - the people that I am moving in with already have cable provider - and DTV is trying to charge me to disconnect. This move wasn't planned at the time I upgraded and I am not going to take direct tv into a home that already has cable. I need to get to someone at Direct TV to waive this. Their service is horrible and i would never ever use them again nor recommend them.

shaker says: (4 years ago)
The installers must be paid by the number of jobs thjey do in a day. They run the cables the quickest way they can like punching a hole in the ceiling closet and dropping the cable or by drilling thru your floor when DISH ran the cables inside of the wall. I recommend DISH network for installation practices.

Buccfan305 says: (4 years ago)
Directv has F&%$ED me out of THOUSANDS of dollars over the past 10 years. I wouldn't recommend them to Osama Bin Ladin. I just hope that the NFL will offer there Sunday Ticket package to other cable providers. that the only reason i put up with their crap for so long. I recently concelled my service because you pay hundreds of dollars for a bunch of channels you don't even bill was $180 a month and i have absolutly no movie channels. What a freakin rip off. F%&K Dierctv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

natoyam says: (4 years ago)
My problems with this company are similar to the ones above.
At first it started out with a "promotion" deal that they offer and it doesn't automotically come off when the promotion is over and you are responsible with charges you are not aware of.
Next, I decided to change the way I was paying from switching from my debit account to credit card and they changed the date the automoatic transaction was to be made and AGAIN did not inform me and refused to refund my account even though the error was theirs.
Then, I received a bill that had been increased by $10 because I no longer wanted automatic payments taken from my account because they screwed me over before.
I am cancelling. I would rather spend my dollars to be free of that lousy company even if it means I am without cable. No company should take advantage of their consumers this way. I cannot believe they are still in business.
Also, their connection always goes out any time it rains or there is bad weather present.
DirecTV is the absolute worst compnay I have EVER dealt with.
I would NOT recommend them to anyone!

bryanwhitehead says: (4 years ago)
I recently moved from Texas to Arkansas and decided to leave Dish and try Direct TV, my main reason was to get NFL Sunday ticket. We were lead to belive that new customers received this free for the 2011 season. We planned the move months in advance, and were told by the Direct TV sales people to order the installation as early to ensure we would get the date we needed after move we moved in. I was even assured by the installers that I would get the NFL Sunday ticket when the football season started. I was also ensured that I would be able to pause a show in one room and continue it in another room. The service was hooked up on July 27th. I have been out of town since the 2011 football season began and could not wait to watch the football games at my house this Sunday. Well guess what not only can I not pause a show in the living rom and watch it in the den, I can not pause any show in any room but the living room. The other three receivers are about as useful as a cable box. But here is the kicker no NFL Sunday ticket....When I called the customer service people(who by the way do not understand the meaning of customer service) they were rude, uncareing, and would not listen to my complaint at all. After talking to serveral people here is what they say- The NFL Sunday ticket offer did not start untill August 1ST, THATS 4 DAYS AFTER THEY INSTALLED MY SERVICE if I had know that I would have waited the 4 days. After I said that they said it would not have mattered since I scheduled the install in June. at thier urging to secure the installation. Additionally the phone number I was given when I moved here was tied to another account so when I called to make a payment using the automated service a gave my home phone number as instructed they applied my payment to a old account, and then had to nerve to demand payment from me before I could voice my concern about not receiving the Sunday ticket. When I told them I had already made a payment they pretty much called me a liar. This is the worst I have ever been treated as a customer. As soon as my contract is up I will do with out TV before I continue one day past the 2 years they tricked me into. After nearly 2 hours on the phone with them today I was insulted by every one of the people I talked to.

I will dedicate my life to telling anyone who will listen how sorry Direct TV is, and how little they care about thier customers.

Bryan Whitehead
Texarkana, AR

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