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  • I had excellent service tonight from a Sebastian at Directv Chat

    Hi, I couldn't help but search online how to leave feedback or a review on the company DIRECT TV. And by all means, this is a great review. I went online to your site and chatted with a Sebastian. I explained to him how I was confused about the ticket sports channel y'all have. And how my grandson loves the red channel that has more games then one on it he says. After explaining to him my situation, he did everything he could to speak with the right person, to help me out and make me very very happy. I've had this ticket channel for a couple of years now including Direct... More...
    (Cable TV)
    DebSmith's Picture   DebSmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv installation and services

    Today I transferred my account to my new house (I've been a customer for several years). The technician arrived on time and called me 30 minutes prior to arriving. My technician was Tom #441566. He installed a new dish, new boxes, and ran new cables for 5 televisions throughout a large house. He was able to contact provider to modify our service and was very knowledgeable about the 4k services and television packages. He was very clean and was patient as we changed the location of televisions several times. He drilled appropriate holes and vacuumed afterwards. He had to move furniture... More...
    (Cable TV)
    CaThompson's Picture   CaThompson    0 Comments   Comments
  • My technicians

    I live near toccoa GA and I missed the phone survey call but I just wanted to give him 10's all the way around. He was one of the best technicians that I have ever had. He did everything perfect from installing the boxes and the satellite to burying the wire and making sure that everything was installed properly. He offered me the premier protection plan for my devices. My experience was excellent. Thank you Bryan and Matthew! More...
    Jsquires's Picture   Jsquires    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billing Issue Resolution

    I would like to commend Iris, and especially Alexandria (E#101130855) for being pleasant, personable, on top of being highly professional to me today. I believe that if you ever complain about poor service, then you better compliment good service. Today I got a double helping of excellent service. If I was still a Telecom Director of Operations, I would try to hire away Alexandria.She exemplified the qualities that I used to screen for when hiring. She resolved my issue efficiently, swiftly, and had the phone-side manner to make me feel like I really was a valued customer - something that... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Excellent Customer Service

    Today I called to ask some questions about my bill and package. I want to say that Alejandro and his Supervisor Winston treated me with the utmost respect, they were courteous and professional. I was left feeling appreciated by Direct Tv as a valuable customer. They both deserve to be acknowledged for their excellent customer service. Way to go Alejandro and Winston. Thank you!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Melbacolon's Picture   Melbacolon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Channel 801 swing/big band music

    I love your swing and big band channel on 801. You play the perfect mix of 1930s and 1940s music I love. Please DO NOT delete or eliminate this channel! I noticed yesterday that the name on the channel says "To Be Announced" instead of its normal name, though the music was still being broadcast. I hope this does not mean you plan to eliminate the channel. Please retain it, I listen to it all the time. More...
    pa28ace's Picture   pa28ace    0 Comments   Comments
  • DIRECTV Installation

    My installation experience was great, my technician worked with me and let me know what was going on throughout the installation. He showed me the different mounts they have to offer I was able to get a better idea on how my dish was going to look like. This guide really help me and my landlord out, it gave us an idea on what dish would look like mounted. The DIRECTV tech was really helpful, he took the time to really explain how he planned my installation. I've experienced some really bad technicians, DIRECTV Is by far the best. More...
    Joshbsal's Picture   Joshbsal    0 Comments   Comments
  • How customer service is done

    I recently moved to a new apartment and due to some of those strangest circumstances I was unable to get time warner cable. I called up direct tv and schedule service. I do not recall the ladies name who handled this call but it was very easy and about as quick as it could be. But with that said within a week one of the receiver boxes has some issues and stopped working. So I called up technical support and talk to the nicest sweetest lady ever, Matesha Owens. She handled the call with the best customer service I have ever had. She managed to get things right and did so all while keeping me... More...
    sclinebell616's Picture   sclinebell616    0 Comments   Comments
  • Laura - 100554769

    To whom it may concern, While I think we pay too much for our DirectTV, I had super customer service from Laura. She was able to help me lower our high bill in a very friendly and courteous manner. I really wish more of your agents were like her. She even talked us into another year's contract with the Sunday Ticket. While I may not agree with the prices for current vs. new customers, speaking with friendly and compassionate people makes it much easier. Thanks for your quality service Laura!! Holder Family, More...
    (Cable TV)
    Holder's Picture   Holder    0 Comments   Comments
  • One of your Representatives from Miami, FL

    Hi, my name is Shaina under my stepfather's account Caster J. I adored your representative Cassandra's characteristics, diligence, and enthusiasm. I felt completely comfortable, and everything was explained efficiently. She solved your issues directly. If you have any questions or concerns, she doesn't mind to go out of her way to help you understand, and maintain confidence in the product. She explained everything so adequate, that I could help others and answer my peer's questions who were interested in getting Direct TV. She works well with adolescents. I appreciate... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jamieloverz's Picture   Jamieloverz    0 Comments   Comments
  • directtvcustomerservice

    yesterdayicalleddirecttvcustservicetoseekareductioninmybill.thecustomerservicerep,shaun-ein513610-wasrefreshinglyhelpful.isoappreciatedhischeerful,intelligentapproachresultedinapleasantandeffectiveinteraction.shaunwasabletooffersomelimitedreliefandhealsopresentedcost-savingalternatives.pleasepassalongmygratitudetothisexceptionalemployee. More...
    buzzie's Picture   buzzie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Acct: 21855680/ The Clayharvey

    To home it may concern please be advise on July 9th, I Dannyray Harvey called customer service to arrange a payment date on the 17th of July, this morning Monday July 13th my service was interrupted when i spoke to your supervisor agent she advised me that our account has a restriction from a return check in June 2015. If I had been advised of the restriction I wouldn't have made an attempt to arrange a payment date of 188 past due on our account. The customer service agent also help me with a problem with my box that wasn't responding. A new box was sent out, Thank you I've... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Great Job Ron #U1936

    It has been several years since my experience with DTV has been pleasant when discussing my ever rising Bills.... Today my experience was overwhelming pleasant working with Ron employee #U1936, and his supervisor (Chad) was also incredibly pleasant when I made him aware of his employees ability to make the CUSTOMER HAPPY! Ron is very personable and a great asset to your organization, he truly is a problem solver. You should recognize his level of excellence! I only wish I had more employees like Ron and Chad. I am overwhelmed with the service Ron gave me!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! DK More...
    Dougkirk's Picture   Dougkirk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Being charged too much money

    I was being charged for receivers that i didn't have and i called in on 03/14/15 , and the problem still wasn't being solved. This employee solved it and was very nice about it, he placed me on hold and would come back to check on me, he kept me informed on the process. I have been a customer since 2007. I would like to Thank him is name was Jacob employee #100848590 My name is Alitta Northington account # 38374538 More...
    (Cable TV)
    janett's Picture   janett    0 Comments   Comments
  • billing explanation

    Directv account #11503887 HANS HUB location: 119 CEDAR DR., KETCHUM, ID 83340 billing period 01/06/15 to 02/05/15 and 02/06/15 to 03/05/15 I disagree with your billing - I need explanation of billing. Please respond in writing to my letter to DIRECTV, P.O. BOX 6550, GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO 80155, dated 3/9/15. Hans Hub More...
    HANSHUB's Picture   HANSHUB    0 Comments   Comments
  • DIRECTV Technician, Justin

    I live in a townhouse in Cullman, AL 35055. I lost my Charter Internet connection at around 2pm yesterday because the Charter technician unplugged the wrong cable (again). Charter Customer Service said it would be two days before someone could look at it. At about 5pm, a DIRECTV technician named Justin came by to help a neighbor, and I told him my problem. I'm not even a DIRECTV customer, but he happily took the time to figure out which wire belonged to my apartment and fixed my issue. Thanks, Justin! More...
    jrcrown's Picture   jrcrown    0 Comments   Comments
  • Upgrade of DVR equiptment

    We just got off the phone with a DirecTV representative named Carrie, employee # 100815893. She is a great person to have working for you. Her manners, her helpfulness, her knowledge, and her personality should make her one of your valued employees. She was a pleasure to talk to and made us smile numerous times. (that in itself is something you want all your customers to do). She deserves a raise in our books.. THANK YOU CARRIE.. We greatly appreciate her help, her knowledge, and her suggestions. More...
    (Cable TV)
    PlatinumKyss's Picture   PlatinumKyss    0 Comments   Comments
  • ssatellite services

    I was recently with DISH Network for over 3 years and I switch to DIRECTV recently and every since I had the service it has been nothing but horrible customer service but I finally reach the right representativ, that really cared about the customer and I just had an awesome experience and I would like to thank her for all her support she definitely make sure that all my needs were met. ID number 100803301 More...
    shaneajohnson's Picture   shaneajohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service feedback

    A few weeks ago, i spoke to Matt (employee ID 452672), a tecnical support representative for DIRECTV, with concern that the package that got activated is not what I was told and signed up for from the sales agent. Matt was a true professional showing great manner, patience, understanding and willingness to rectify the situation. T. Tong from Huntington Beach, CA More...
    (Cable TV)
    tbt1234's Picture   tbt1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV customers services

    It's always great to find good examples of great customer service. Today I actually experience it .This is the customer service experience from Travis ID #100642535 who work in customer service for Direct TV in Tennessee. He actually help me with the tissue I was having for couples of months. Thanks to his service I decided to give Direct TV another opportunity. I decided to stay with them. More...
    (Cable TV)
    lizahigh's Picture   lizahigh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sad and unhappy cable customer

    my name is Alice Ewing my husband and I have a account with direct tv and the 25th of june 2014 I came home to my service being off I have been out of town for the burial of my son and was feeling like I just wanted to die but I spoke to a very sweet and understanding young lady with the name of Kionna ID number 100683603 she was very very understanding she help me with my cable problem not only did she help with that she touched me in a way that was Unbelievable she is a incredible person she has a good heart so I want to thank her very much so for helping me she is a keeper. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bonnie1965's Picture   Bonnie1965    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv tecnicians Jason and Mike

    Jason and Mile were out to my address (10780 N. Hwy 99, Stockton, Ca.) on March 21. They were very professional and explained everything they were doing which was switching out all my boxes which were outdated. I was very pleased with them and wanted Directv to know how pleased I was with them. Techician # 437465. Thank you so much and I wouldn't change Directv for anything. Thank you Rose Delva More...
    (Cable TV)
    mamamoon1's Picture   mamamoon1    1 Comments   Comments

    I live in an apartment complex that has a contract with "Telcom" for free directtv service which includes tech support. However my has been interrupted since wed 3/26/14 with a 771 code. The apt office mgr made an apt with Telcom for mon 3/3/14. It snowed that day so they were not able to come out. Since I NEVER received a courtesy call from my apt complex or Telcom about the need to reschedule I decided to make the call myself on tue 3/4/14 The apt office mgr said it had been rescheduled for thur 3/6/14. Today I called to make sure everything was still on schedule since Im still... More...
    ddcoop58's Picture   ddcoop58    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV Great Customer Service

    I just wanted to say that personally I have been very happy with Direct-TV than Comcast. The customer service person seem to go over and above in helping me save money. I needed them to add another receiver in the basement and it was only an additional $6 dollars charge. She also went out of her way to check if I am due for a free systems upgrade as well as free promotions. More...
    (Cable TV)
    raqsum's Picture   raqsum    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pleasant customer service

    I would like to say final all the times I have called I spoke with two different people today one being Jamie 100315316 the other girl I spoke with was before Jamie. They were both very kind. Jamie was very forthcoming with some good deals and I was much appreciative of them and her. Hopefully it will go as smoothly when the deals are if I decide to keep them. Thank you Mika Smith More...
    Meeksmith89's Picture   Meeksmith89    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awesome service

    I was calling to change my service from Showtime to Starz. I was able to talk with the most professional, charming and informative representative I have ever had the pleasure to talk with. She was able to look up the most available offers (approx. $2.00 more} that I had coming to me and set me up with the newest equipment possible {free}. Let me be the first to say Misty V1231 you are the reason I did not become more frustrated with the service I feel I normally receive and debate canceling my account. I would place a small wager if the upper echelon's had you assist in making deals... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    JGreeene's Picture   JGreeene    1 Comments   Comments
  • Direct Tv Customer service reps gave wonderful care!

    I do not often review companies, but, I am compelled to review the service I recieved from two of your customer reps. I am so tired of large companies that I have called sending me to India, the Phillipines or elsewhere in the world, where I can not understand these reps. In addition they sound as if they are reading from a script and want to keep you on the line as long as they can which I suspect will make more money for them. When I was distressed about the possibility of losing some of my channels on my Direct TV programing. I called you customer service and told them I would be... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Romina's Picture   Romina    3 Comments   Comments
  • Great Person at Directv

    I had been having a lot of service people problems (whole home setup) with Directv lately and my Bill seemed to keep going up. I was ready to cancel until I talked to Shawda employee number 100211698 Chattanooga Tn.. Not only did she make me a believer once again in DTV, but she was able to give me some discounts for my trouble and make me see that DTV does have people who care. it is a shame I had to call 3 times to reach somebody as good and as caring as this lady. But I am glad I did. Directv you should make sure you never lose a valuble person like Shawnda. Thanks Gary N More...
  • Great Person at Directv

    I had been having a lot of service people problems (whole home setup) with Directv lately and my Bill seemed to keep going up. I was ready to cancel until I talked to Shawda employee number 100211698 Chattanooga Tn.. Not only did she make me a believer once again in DTV, but she was able to give me some discounts for my trouble and make me see that DTV does have people who care. it is a shame I had to call 3 times to reach somebody as good and as caring as this lady. But I am glad I did. Directv you should make sure you never lose a valuble person like Shawnda. Thanks Gary N More...
    roadrunner73's Picture   roadrunner73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hugo

    Direct TV came through today. I was very pleased with their prompt customer service. The gentleman who came to help with our TV dish was Hugo, and he was knowledgable, friendly and showed genuine concern. I would highly recommend Hugo for any situation. This guy knows his stuff! More...
    (Cable TV)
    lmilli1's Picture   lmilli1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blizzard Nemo

    When I first considered switching from Time Warner Cable (where my bill was nearing $150) to Directv (where my bill is now nearing $50) I was worried that because i live in Maine I was going to constantly be losing signal. As we all know this past blizzard was insane, but I never lost signal, not once. This service is the best hands down and I will continue to sign its praises for as long as I long as I can... Super Great! More...
    starnmbr14's Picture   starnmbr14    1 Comments   Comments
  • direct tv customer service

    I was recently in a really bad car accident that left me aalmost dead. I was in a comma and have just recently started getting my life back after loosing my apt my car and job and pretty much everything that was my life. I have just recently gotten a new job but not paid yet. Still living with a friend after loosing everything. I called to try and make payments on my acct which was about 3 to 4 months over due I explained my situation and was told there was nothing the could do and then told me they were going to send it to collections. I knew this could not be true how was it that I was... More...
    Florazalia's Picture   Florazalia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Employee

    I had the Best Customer Service rep for Cable TV named Bradon R. Employee #446047 from Denver Colorado office. He was the best cable customer service Rep from any cable company Ive talked to in the last 20 years! He was patient, calm, thorough, and most efficient rep ever! He helped us get a new tv set up to work w the direct tv remote! Thanks to Bradon NOT GIVING UP and solving the problems we now have cable tv once again....FINALLY! Thank you BRADON R! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Annefarrah68's Picture   Annefarrah68    0 Comments   Comments
  • Credit

    I regret the day i signed up for DIRECT TV.....wish i had seen these reviews before hand.... YOu cant understand half the reps when you call in. they are very dishonest and they have owed me over 200 dollars for 2 months!! AVOID DIRCT TV!!!!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    sharont01's Picture   sharont01    1 Comments   Comments
  • Package and Install issures

    To Whom it may concern: Jennifer(356369) helped me with a very challenging issue this morning. We had an installation yesterday that became impossible to complete in the way we had order it. Once the circumstances changed on our order,we needed to readjust basically everything...the equipment order, the service order and the charges. I dealt with a woman yesterday that was very abrupt and willing to do little to figure this all out. It was such a mess yesterday I wanted to call and make sure things were readjusted with our order and billing this morning. I made contact with a terrific... More...
    glbr's Picture   glbr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Redemption

    Here’s an update to the Retracted Offer complaint I posted on September 17. As a last ditch effort, I sent an e-mail to the DirecTV Office of the President on September 17. Tammy from the Office of the President contacted me on the morning of September 19 and agreed to investigate the recording of Tracy’s July 24 offer of free NFL Sunday Ticket. That same afternoon, Tammy confirmed that the recording revealed Tracy did indeed make the offer I had described. Tammy offered a sincere apology and re-extended the original offer. DirecTV has achieved total redemption in my book and I... More...
    feewick1's Picture   feewick1    1 Comments   Comments
  • My service has been great

    I'm sorry to hear that other folks have had problems. My Direct TV experience has been great. I was a former cable guy. I just got tired of Comcast raising my rates and finally decided to take a chance on something else. My installer showed up on time and suggested a better location for the dish if I trimmed some branches from a tree. I did so and next weekend he showed up on time again. He had requested this job over my getting another installer because he was already familiar with my yard (large trees, steep grade, etc). He was professional and friendly. He installed a post in an... More...
    wootdav's Picture   wootdav    0 Comments   Comments
  • Improve reputation

    Direct TV please “Claim your company name” on and use our Free “Direct Connect” tools to answer your customers questions, and complaints as well as monitor reputation. You can learn more about how to claim your name and our Direct Connect tools at Fortune 500 and as well as small companies partner with MeasuredUp and use our Free tools to augment their customer service, manage online reputation and build loyalty. If you found this message then you know how important social... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    measuredup's Picture   measuredup    2 Comments   Comments


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