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  • My bill

    Hi I have had an issues with my bill I live in Tennessee I have gotten an extra room added on, in my garage when I ordered it to be installed the person said since I was such a loyal customer it would be free of change now it's been installed and is on my bill for a genie and a satellite, if you guys can't stick to your word I shall find someone else who can stick to it. I am beyond irritated. Thanks More...
  • Supervisors who don't honor what there representatives say

    I had a representative who said if I signed up for DIRECTV NOW then she would wave the cancelation fee for returning my cable boxes for the time being since I'm living with family and can't have them. She original said the fee was waved and I didn't have to worry about it. However two weeks later I get a bill that says past due and that the fee was NOT removed. So I call DirectTv and explain what occurred and they basically say I'm lying and they cannot wave the fee. So I ask to speak to a supervisor and she says that it doesn't matter what the representative said... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • dtv24964

    on may 8.2017 I got a phone call from 800 5315000 claiming to be a dtv promotion promo code dtv24964 that if I wanted dtv for 2 yrs for 59.99 a month I had to get an amazon gift card for 240 dollars and call 888 201 8989 and give them the info on the card and my first 4 months would be free and the remainder of the 2yrs would be 59.99 I have recently found out that this was a fraudulent phone call from dtv I talked to a manager chad about this More...
  • Additional cable box

    I signed up for DirectTV 6 months ago. I was told I could have up to 4 receivers. At the time I was only in need of one. I told the technician that I would probably need an additional box once I bought an additional TV. He told me that was fine I could get an additional receiver anytime. I called today and was told it would be an additional $120.00! I told the rep the above and was told I should have gotten the receiver at the time of the install and then I would have not had to pay the $120.00. Ridiculous! I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told they would tell me the same... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • cancellation fee

    It is my opinion that since the services I agreed to were not delivered as ordered due to price difference, no included Genie DVR and the cutting of our internet service so they could use the existing line, qualifies for waiving the cancellation fee of $480 and the monthly fee of $76.90. I am willing to pay for the 48 hours of service I did receive. On 4/8/17, I did file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. There was no resolution with the numerous contacts with rude customer service representatives. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Account information

    I called earlier today and I talked to someone regarding my account. They said that my name isnt the account holders name and we couldnt continue on from there. I talked to the supervisor and told her that no one else would be on the account. I am the only one using these services at my appartment. I wanted to ask about my billing and could not without verifying who elses name is on the account which i cant even guess because i have no idea whom it might be. I need this resolved ASAP before my account is terminated. I was told to submit a ticket and its the only way to resolve this... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Installation fee

    Was excited to change from TWC to Direct TV, spent a few hours figuring this all out and on phone with TWC and Direct TV. Direct TV seemed to offer a more affordable alternative to TWC. Then right when I was about to sign up with Direct TV I was told of a $29 installation fee. I experienced a sudden feeling of dissatisfaction because I was not told about this fee until last minute and after spending some time on the phone. I spoke with a supervisor regarding a credit to the account of the $29 fee if I did sign up. He stated that I should contact customer support regarding this request.... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • recorded

    I need you guys to go back August 16th 2016 to listen to the recording to listen to what i was promised on what i would have to pay for a year. I got a call when i cancelled my service and i was promised to pay 67.29 a month for a year. If you can not get it straight i will cancel my service again and you guys will not get me back. I have had service with you guys since 1999. That should count for something and i pay my bill on time each month. So please go back and listen to recording. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Programming

    I have had the choice channel package for a long time we have had channel 523 lmnhd and now we dont your web site and my account programming says I should have this channel but when I called they told me the channel is no longer included in the choice package that i had to get a more expensive package to get it that is bull and as per your web site it is included and I should have it I am very unhappy and will be contacting the bbb as that is false advertising I have been a costumer for a very long time but now I may have to look into a different tv provider because I am not going to pay... More...
  • Bill Dispute

    I have been in contact with customer service about my bill. It was too high and I was switching to Dish Network. My wife called 2 days before Dish was due to install (Nov 9th) and made an acceptable deal with a lady name Lisa. When I received the next bill it was incorrect so we called approximately Nov. 26 or 27th. We were told that our programming had been cut to make a deal to which my wife explained that she had specifically ask about program changes and was told there would be none. We ask that the recorded phone conversation be review and were told that it would take up to 14 days. I... More...
  • No Line of Sight

    We moved and the new house has no line of sight. A technician came out today to install the satellite but could get a clear line of sight. We called Directv to see how i could still get the Sunday Ticket on line, they told me to go to NFLSundayTicket.Tv and register. I tried to register and said my address was not eligible. I am really upset about this and I have spoke to 6 different people at Directv today to resolve this and no one could help me. Please help me get this resolved. A/c 3196088 More...
  • new service

    My service was transferred from UVERSE to Direct. 1. The technician went into my attic from the garage,and he put a hole in the ceiling of my garage. I have a photo, of the damage. There was not a hole before he went into the attic. I regret I did not check before he left my residence Mrs. Gambrell 1109 Glen Park Drive Dallas, TX 75241 214 375 8804 or 214 532 6067 d More...
    (Cable TV)
  • suspended

    after years of being a DIRECTV customer, I was hospitalized for a brain bleed and the company DTRECTV claimed I didn't pay for services, I paid over $200 on 6-01-15 & 6-03-15 when I came home it had been suspended, I ask them if I could have it turned back on and I would pay for june and july for this year 2015, they never answerd me, people if you want satellite go to DISH like I am, If DIRECTV DOES NOT CONSIDER MY SERVICE OR DO NOT WANT ME AS A CUSTOMER I WILL SWITCH More...
  • Incorrect Billing ruining my credit

    My name is Lucius Dawkins. There is a collection on my credit report for an account I've never had. The account # is 24860774. I called DirectTV and the person who answered my call agreed that this account number was not in my name. He advised me to go online to and fill out a form regarding this matter. I've looked for this form and, evidently, there is no such thing. Therefore, I'm submitting this ticket. I can be emailed at More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Lightning dammages

    Directv Accc# 51146066 Bernard Maechler 8618 Green Ash Dr, Sugar Land, Tx 77479 Suspected cause: Lightning Both dishes affected; no signal on either one. Main TV repair required (flashed). Requires installation of 2 new dishes on the side of the house and routing of cables to the attic (installation is being done currently). Additional work for this claim) consist of the removal of the old dishes and fixing of the roof where the dishes mounting is, Note: The claim phone number returns message "currently unavailable" for the last four tries. More...
  • Direct tv order/promotion

    I was promised "The best offer ever" by your advertisement in the advertisement it promises, $25 a month select package with over 130 channels it also says FREE installaion in up to 4 rooms with a FREE whole home HD DVR Upgrade with activation of a "SELECT" package or higher i was also promised by a man named "Donald" who claimed to be a floor manager that i would also get tv and home phone and that the WHOLE thing TV, INTERNET, and PHONE would cost me about $70 a month. This is not what i was told was being installed the day the technician came to my house.... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Directv

    I have been a customer of Directv since Januay. I signed up for the $73.99 Xtra package. Every month my bill go up,They want us as the customer to keep their contract for 2 years, but they can notgive us as the customer the price they promised in the contract. Directv have hidden fees and once you agree to the contract you are stuck for two years. if you try and cancel they bill you $400. They are a rip off, if you owe on a bill you can not call and make a payment arrangement. they do not even let you speak with anyone when you call if your bill is past due. After being with them since... More...
  • Fraud

    I was a long term customer of direct tv and upon cancelling they sent my refund check to an "alternate address" that was fraudulant added to my account. I asked for a copy of that check was told to send a written request and upon receipt of my request from direct tv they called and said they do not give copies of checks yet they instructed me to ask for one. I am simply asking for a letter, email, fax with the information I need saying the check was made out to me, what the check number was and the date it was made out. They gave me this information over the phone but I need it... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Customer Service

    Today I must say my conversation with Toni in Costomer Service regarding Pricing led me to want my service disconnected. She transferred me to Disconnects(?) and I spoke with the nicest lady, Sharmaine, who did a wonderful job working with me to my satisfaction. She had a much better attitude than Toni. You should have more employees in Customer Service like Sharmaine. She needs to have a raise or some sort of real recognition for her service! Please tell her I sent recognition of her Great Attitude and Customer Service. Thank you, Barbara Ryker More...
  • Failure to Correct BIlling

    Here is the updated report and complaint I sent to the SC Attorney General Office of Consumer Affairs: I ordered ATT U Verse Bundle in October 2013 with a promotional cost for the first year. As I was too far away from their main lines ATT offered DIRECT TV (rather than their standard TV portion) as part of the bundle. Short story is that after installation DIRECT TV would not resolve the issue of the $40 per month potion of the bundle for the first year. I called ATT and had a conference call January 7 and the ATT and DIRECT TV rep agreed that there was a problem supposedly due to the... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • unnecessary drilling in the floor and overall customer service

    I was moving into a new place on 11/1/13 and decided to reach different cable providers (Currently had Uverse). I was already aware that DirecTV has the best quality and then I also saw they offer the new Genie home DVR system, which per their website ( that the Genie Mini's only need power and HDMI hooked up, no Coax, which was great since my living room TV is not near any cable drop. I would put the main DVR server upstairs where there is a COAX already and have the Genie Mini in the living room. This also... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Incompetence

    Lied from the very beginning. They give you a good rate and then make it so expensive later on it is more than all services combined with cable. Our bill is wrong every month. We have had to call every month and there is no one that can resolve anything. We have one more year and I can't wait to get rid of them. DO NOT let them drag you in by their lies and deceitful practices. More...
  • Customer service/billing

    I have been a customer since 2008. For the past 2 years I have been calling the billing department to no avail. I am homebound and live on social security disability. My billing due date is the 28th of the month. I have told the representatives that my check comes on the 3ed of the month. On the 3ed I confirm that money has been deposited into my checking account and then write my check to DIRECTV. About half of the time I am charged a late fee. I have requested that my due date to be changed to the 10th or any time after the 3ed. I have been told repeatedly that it is impossible to... More...
  • disconnect fee

    Renewed contract last month with additional dvr based on contract cost of $120 monthly. Received first bill and discounts are only for 6-12 months resulting in significant increase. Called to cancel service today, informed company policy to charge $22 per month for dvr for two years, resulting in a $ 484 charge. While being transferred to the fifth person ( a supervisor), my call was dropped. The fact that the employee lied doesn't seem to have any impact. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Service Appointment

    Had an appointment scheduled from 8-12. Called and was told I didn't need to call back they would show between 10-11. (It was 11:04) Received a call they would be there between 12-2. After 2, I called and canceled. My reschedule date is 5 days away. That will put me over 2 wks without service. I am a great customer and am never late on a bill. I expect great service. I am very disappointed with DirecTV service in Charleston, WV! If I have no service for a month, I don't expect to pay for that month! More...
  • OWN Network

    All of a sudden the OWN Network states I don't have a subscription. What's up? I have not received any notification of this and had been receiving this channel since it was created. I get fewer and fewer real channels (not informercials) but my bill goes higher and higher. I really don't feel I am getting a good value for my money. I am researching other methods to get television. W Watkins 4-15-2013 More...
  • No Service For A Week

    Genie main box failed. Sent new box that arrived days later. New box unable to get signal. All connections are good and power box (cap in black box with green light) plugged in. We already missed season premier of Game of Thrones on HBO (only reason I subscribe to HBO). Now we cannot get a repair tech out for another three days! And their best offer is a week credit on my bill? To top it off, when I said I should just go back to DISH if this is the type of customer service #1 entails, I was told go ahead; but have to pay early termination. HORRIBLE! I came back to DirecTV... More...
  • Pricing

    Directv quoted me one price when I signed up for service. ($65 for television and internet). After pulling my credit and getting my credit card information, as well as setting up an installation date, I was transferred to a different department, who said that the price would actually be $10 more. When I requested that the price be changed back to my original quote, he refused and sent me to the cancellation department. The cancellation department said that they could change the price by $5 to $70, but that a salesperson would have to push it through. When I spoke with the salesman, he... More...
  • inaccurate information

    Today after an hour on the phone with customer service representatives from ATT. It ends up that in my bundled service of Direct TV and ATT high-speed internet. I am not eligible for the reward card for half of the value of my internet modem unless I switch my Direct TV billing to be through ATT which would be a net loss of $5/mo in discounts(I was told by customer service at Direct TV that I would be eligible for this.) I have been given misinformation a number of times by Direct TV. More of an effort should be made to give accurate information. My satisfaction with the information... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Did not deliver on retention department promises

    I contacted DirecTV on 12/18/12 to cancel my service as a result of repeated bill increases combined with poor service quality. I advised retention dept. rep I was switching to Time Warner & provided details on their offer when she asked. Rep asked me to reconsider & offered to match Time Warner price, upgrade all of my equipment to provide better service & mote features & also threw in $200 Visa gift card to beat $150 Time Warner was offering. Rep specifically said new Genie system would allow full DVR control from all tvs without needing DVR in every room. she also... More...
  • billing

    directv is not willing to work with me as far as providing extension. I owe $100 and wanted an extension for maybe 1 or 2 days but was informed that your company does not offer that type of an option. that in itself is enough to make me consider switching back to Comcast. who has never had an issue about working with me if I ever had billing problems. Directv cares nothing about customer loyalty More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Direct TV Lies

    To whom it may concern, I have been in a dispute with Direct TV for over a week. This started two years ago when i did not authorize them to auto debit my account for my bill. Then last December 2011 when I called to cancel NFL ticket and to change my package plan from Premium to Choice. Once I canceled NFL ticket, on my next month’s bill (January 2012) I saw that the NFL Ticket was still on my bill. I called, and was given a refund. I told Direct TV that I NEVER wanted NFL ticket again! In April I moved, while talking with a Direct TV agent to set up a moving date, Direct... More...
  • Close My Account

    It seems Your company cannot fix my accounting to your measure for you accounting Department For Oone thing I have been a Customer who has been Faithful full of respect and Now because you all cannot get your own self together in your accounting Depart. As the Mistakes your doing. Is and has caused me Great Emotional Stress for Three months. That I am so upset that Your Accounting department cannot get there Information correc that I am closing My account as Of today 9/6/2012 so after this date DO NOT charge me more than I am supposed to pay for I am over things that are so inhuman to the... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Whole home DVR

    I have been paying for whole home dvr service for 3 months and it has only work for 3 weeks. When I call tech support they have me reboot both dvr's and nothing. The error messages tell them that I need a tech to come to my house. So they schulde a tech and I have to get someone to be at my house from 8:00am to 12:00pm because my wife and I work. Then no one comes. Next day they send me an email saying my case was escalated and they need to talk to me. Over and over this goes on and no results. I still have to pay for a service that is not working!!!! I want my money back. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Fees

    We have been repeatedly lied to by this company. When we started the cancellation process we were told that we would not have to pay a cancellation fee. When we called to finish the process, we were told that we would have to pay a fee and that there was no record of the original call. Furthermore, there is no reference to how the cancellation fee is calculated. The only mention of a cancellation or termination fee is a $15 fee. Upon speaking to the company today, we were told that everything was included in an email. We never got the email. I have carefully reviewed every single email we... More...

    We have had DIRECTV for years. Quality was wonderful; however price kept going up and up so I switched to DISH. Called & had DIRECTV cancelled; sent equipment back; did everything just like they said to. A few days after canceling, we received a bill from DIRECTV saying we had a credit of $39. Less than a week passed and I pulled the DIRECTV account up online and saw that we owed $18 and change. I called to find out why and was told that when they received the equipment they found that we owed for Pay for view ???? Similiar thing happened when we called and had equipment moved to... More...
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