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DirecTV Reviews

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  • Billed for something I cancelled months ago

    We got this promotional service for Direct TV in August where you can cancel service free of charge within 30 days. We ended up selling our house in September and decided we did not like Direct within that 30 days and called to cancel. We gave our new address to send boxes to ship equipment back (that were never received). Fast forward to December.....over $900 was taken from our bank account not notice nothing from Direct TV. They stated it was from the months of August to December for service. When I called to talk about this they told me I would be refunded within 7-10 business days.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dcharles10's Picture   dcharles10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Harassed by Direct Tv automated phone calls

    I spoke with a Direct Tv representative about their rates. The young man spoke so fast that I could not understand him. It seemed as though he was reading a script! I told him I did not want their service and was happy with TWC. I had to tell him NO three times but he refused to take no for an answer. I finally hung up the phone. A few hours later I began to receive robo calls which said please wait someone will be with you shortly. I wanted to ask them to stop calling. After several calls (I waited 25-45 minutes each time) I realized that no one ever answers these calls. They call... More...
    Naomba's Picture   Naomba    0 Comments   Comments
  • Installation of dish on roof of rental home without permission

    Installer from DirecTV did not obtain permission from me, the homeowner, before installing a dish on a house that I rent. The tenant did not pay attention during installation, and the installer placed it on the front of the home, making it look like dog patch. While the tenant failed to comply with the lease which states no installation without permission, the installer did not ask the tenant if they owned the home before making the unsightly installation. Direct refuses to remove the dish. Told me to take it up with the tenant. This company has lousy customer service and is not... More...
    Debstr819's Picture   Debstr819    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    My life has been in turmoil over the last 2 years my husband of 27 years passed away I was forced to sell our home of 18 years and move into an apartment. When I moved in I got Direct TV but after only a few months there were problems with the apartment and I had to move, so I moved into a new apartment and signed a 3 year lease I was all set to have my Direct TV installed and was told by my new landlord that he did not allow it on his properties, no way no how. So I contacted Direct TV expecting them to understand my dilemma and they would allow me out of my contract and was shocked when... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Birchl's Picture   Birchl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Installation damages

    Incident 1) Two dishes were improperly installed on the roof of a duplex. I contacted the company who refused to remove the dishes or repair the damage. Incident 2) A dish was installed on the property line of a rental property. The neighbor came out and told the installer it was on the property line, but he refused to move and left. This dish was ordered by someone who did not even live in the house and was not a legal tenant. No permission was obtained from the owner. I spoke with four representatives from Customer Service and Technical and they refuse to remove the equipment. The... More...
  • Company causes damage

    Incident 1) Two dishes were improperly installed on the roof of a duplex. I contacted the company who refused to remove the dishes or repair the damage. Incident 2) A dish was installed on the property line of a rental property. The neighbor came out and told the installer it was on the property line, but he refused to move and left. This dish was ordered by someone who did not even live in the house and was not a legal tenant. No permission was obtained from the owner. I spoke with four representatives from Customer Service and Technical and they refuse to remove the equipment. The... More...
    HouseLady's Picture   HouseLady    0 Comments   Comments
  • directv bad

    They constanly get billing wrong and you have to spend hours on the phone before somebody in poor service actually tries to act they are doing a favor and giving what you already paid for. They tell you one thing and another thing happens than your are treated like an idiot because one of their employes lied!!! I've been with them too long and am very tired of this reoccurring situation. They are bad business More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Lying Sales Rep

    When we signed up for directv we asked a bunch of questions. Our 2 biggest concerns were reception and moving our service. The sales rep said service is down for an average of 15 per year. That was crap. We have lost a signal for over 15 min in the first month. We also told the rep that we would be moving in 2 months and we didnt want to subsrcibe until we moved because of a transfer fee. He lied and told us directv will move our service to our new house for free. That was crap. It's going to cost us over $100 with a discount. Customer service said sorry that we were misinformed but... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • DirecTV charge download

    I had DirecTV service but had to cancel because I moved into a friend's home that had ATTUverse. I ended my service in November and was told by a service rep that I didn't owe any money. I then received a bill from them for $12.98. Apparently some credits that they had given to me were no longer available since I cancelled my service. Fine, I paid it. Three months later I get another bill for $3.99. DirectTV claims that I downloaded a movie in 2004! I couldn't have "downloaded" a movie since I never had my set-box hooked up to a phone line. So, the only way I... More...
    lneveux1's Picture   lneveux1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    DirecTv has poor customer service. Being newly divorced, and returning to my home after more than a year, I attempted to begin a new account with new equipment. The new equipment was partially delivered and a man came out to install it, but he could not figure out how to do so. He had to call for a senior serviceman to come on another day. This man was supposed to bring the rest of the boxes needed for 4 rooms of service, as only one had been delivered. A few days later the next rep arrived and installed the dish. He did not have the 3 additional boxes required though, and called to see if... More...
    BusyTexan's Picture   BusyTexan    0 Comments   Comments
  • A Dishonest Company

    When I first signed up for DirecTV, I was told by the salesman that after my first year rebates expired, I would be able to get additional rebates for the second 12 months. Every time I called them for something, I was always assured that this was the case at the end of my first year. I had a dispute with them in January 2011. I asked them when my rebates expired and when I could acquire new ones. They told me that I had until March or April before my rebates expired, since I had been disconnected from them for about 3 months due to a leave of absence. Today, 2/18/11, I had another... More...
    SilverSkull's Picture   SilverSkull    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad quality

    We have very bad quality TV due to many trees around the house. We have had this for over a year and have not gotten good service at all. Most of the recorded shows do not play all the way through, the sound goes in and out and it pauses every minute. We can't get anything on demand, what we are paying is not worth the service we are getting at all. The bad recording quality may be because we got a bad box and they will not replace it for free even though they gave us the bad box. More...
  • Bad quality

    Direct TV has really bad reception where there are a lot of trees, but they will set it up there anyway not caring about the quality. Certain shows that I record can not be watched properly because the sound will go off and will pause every minute. This is probably due to a faulty box which they will not replace unless I pay for it. The customer service is not good, they do not care if you can watch the TV, they do not give refunds for anything. We have not been happy with our service for over a year and are going to cancel it soon because of all their mistakes. This service at my house is... More...
    stephendykes's Picture   stephendykes    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bait and switch

    Unwarranted stipulations and restrictions on offer regarding $10 a month discount on Directv bill. Failed to explain the details of offer in its entirety when I requested the service. Don't understand the rationale for having to wait 2 billing cycles before discount is seen. Very angry over the runaround I received over the phone and especially after being a customer since February 2008 with an excellent payment history. More...
  • Bait and Switch

    I have been a Directv customer since February 2008 with an excellent payment history. So why was I lied to regarding an incentive to receive a $10 a month discount off my Directv bill if I bundled with land line phone service from Verizon? Because Directv does not keep their word! I started phone service with Verizon on October 22, 2010. I reviewed my cable bill which did not reflect the discount. I called Directv to inquire as to when I would begin to see the discount. I was told that there was a note in the computer system that indicated I did not "qualify" for the discount, no... More...
    ConsumerUno's Picture   ConsumerUno    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fradulent charges and fees review

    I called Directv Retention Dept to complain about their fuzzy reception, service, my picture fading in and out, being charged for services they claimed I would receive for free such as HD. DTV was charging me for HD reception but because I did not catch their overcharge, they refused to allow me the services they had promised I would receive for free. When the service man came out to install the dish, he left such a mess inside my house and outside in my roof gutters. My husband had to clean it all up and throw it away. The service person is supposed to dispose of the boxes and mess... More...
    Bach1951's Picture   Bach1951    0 Comments   Comments
  • NFL Package

    I have been unable to aquire the RedZone channel from DirectTv. Other cable providers are offering this channel for $5.99 a month. Direct Tv(even after saying it would) will not allowed us to purchase the channel without buying the $60 a month upgrade in addition to the 80 I'm paying already!!! Insane! Poor customer service! What happened? Direct Tv used to have good customer service. Kevin S. More...
    KevinSchad12's Picture   KevinSchad12    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rebate - Customer Serivce Issue

    I am going to post the letter I wrote to DIRECTV. DIRECTV September 17, 2010 2230 E Imperial Highway El Segundo, CA 90245 RE: Rebate – Customer Service Issue Mr. White I am writing to you because of the lack of service that we have been provided and the dishonesty of DIRECTV. I have tried to get this resolved through your customer service department with no success and I am hoping that you will be able to provide me with the service that should have been provided through your customer service department. On July 20th 2010, I called DIRECTV to... More...
    meliturn's Picture   meliturn    4 Comments   Comments
  • Apex of amateurism and greed in home entertainment

    Direct sent 4 "tech's to install my cable. #1) Didn't change the old cable and it was incompatible so my picture kept blue screening and tiling. #2) changed the cables but stretched them OVER the carpet and stretched the electric cord so tight it hung 5" in the air. He left waffle stomper tracks in the flower beds and left a gate open so my dogs could have run into the street. #3)In his re-install of the dish, he broke a 4' piece of fascia off the front of the house and laid it around the side on the ground saying nothing. He told me he was paid "by the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Roberoo's Picture   Roberoo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely frustrated/unsatisfied/upset/angry/disappointed customer

    A letter I wrote to Direct response of course: I have never been as frustrated as I have been EVER than I was yesterday with your “customer service”. I understand you probably get tons of emails daily from angry customers especially if they all have to deal with what I have with only 48 hours with your company so far. First, we were scheduled for installation on Saturday the 22nd between 12-4pm. We received a confirmation call at 330 saying he would be there within half an hour and by 530 I was on hold for 45 minutes trying to find out where he was. They said he was... More...
  • Worst company in the world

    We moved from AZ to CO - we had DirecTV in AZ (where we lived in a house), so we had a contract and had to continue with it in CO. We really couldn't afford it, so I was quite pleased when the technician came out and determined we couldn't get a signal (we're on the first floorof our apt and a large building was blocking our only clear view of whatever sky we needed to see). I asked what that meant since we had a contract, and he said he'll call them and tell them we have a line of sight issue and they'll suspend the contract. Ok great. So we go out and buy a... More...
    belc0011's Picture   belc0011    0 Comments   Comments
  • remote

    Remote stop working, I had ask to get It replace they said it would cost you $16. Dollars I said it not my remote it yours and if I have to pay for this then you can take your service back, the he said it will cost you $200. to cancel service. If Direct tv would spend less on TV adds and more on customer complaint,s they would be a better company. Thank you More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Corporate Beast

    Bought 2 Hr20s that were supposed to be the same. One has more storage than the other. One went bad recently. DirecTv will replace the one that went bad but you have no choice as to what model you will get for your replacement. That's just wrong. If you want to buy your own equipment to have a choice, prices vary wildly on the internet for the same specifications. How could that be? Agents working on their behalf or representing the products are sincere but limited in their capacity to do right. More...
    taiddiat's Picture   taiddiat    0 Comments   Comments
  • Monopoly

    I established service with directtv in 2008, the sales person did not mention the 2 year contract. I realized the contract was in effect a few months later. I signed up with directtv because they have a monopoly on the NFL package. I left the whole contract thing alone because i knew i wanted the NFL package. My family and I had to move out of the apartment a little after a year with my parents due to financial reasons so we suspend the account. February 2010 we find a a new apartment that does not allow satellite. I went back and fourth with directv and the property management, end result... More...
    nader's Picture   nader    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ads are False

    Your constant barage of emails to get me to switch from Dish only to fraudulently charge my checking account and then cause me over 3 hours of time on the phone only to tell me I have to wait 10 days to correct YOUR error is BS. You have worse customer service than any company I have dealt with. I have contacted the attorney general in this matter as well. Not one of your pathetic customer service reps would put me through to a manager or someone with an IQ to fix the issue. More...
    (Cable TV)
    mbuechler's Picture   mbuechler    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fine print

    We signed up thru AT & T. Service agreement was not given to us but there is agreeemnt which has fine prints. Installer said if you have problem call us when we did we found out that there is service call charge. We have 3 receivers for which we paying rent but customer service told us since we did not signed up for protection plan you will be responsible if something goes wrong with receivers. Customer service is one of the worst I ever experienced. One service man said you can cancel,the service within 3 months butwhen we called customer service they said there is no such thing.... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Why send ads

    I received mail with a good price. Good enough I thought about switching to direct tv after years with my provider. It seems to me all I got was the bait and switch trick with two of your reps. Both stated the ad was a mistake! Even tried to blame the mail for the mistake.. Yet throughout the first class letter it clearly stated the deal had been extended until 3/15/10. Today's date is the 2/9/10. So why do you send these ads if you don't even honor them? More...
  • Bait and Switch

    Just got a letter Saturday from Direct TV with what I thought was a pretty good deal. So I called and got the bait and switch on pricing. The deal was only good until yesterday! Clearly on the letter in several large areas the deals were extended until 3/15/10. It was all a big mistake from two CS reps I spoke too. Glad I didn't sign with these people, now I can see why all these people on this site are in trouble. They have no place to complain or get things done. Who would do business with these type. More...
    Anwar's Picture   Anwar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    DirectTV has the worst customer service in the industry. You get a different answer from each rep and because you need to call in so much always get a different rep and NO ONE evidently puts notes on the account or they do not read them. I have asked on more than one occasion for a manager to call has never happened. The reps come accross as miserable and mistreated people who hate their jobs...probably because they always are getting yelled at by angry and disgruntled customers. Voice your opinions!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Brock6122's Picture   Brock6122    1 Comments   Comments
  • local programing

    To whom it may concern, Direct TV has quit showing our local channels, without any notice. I have been without this service for a month and a half. When I called Direct TV, to complain about not getting our local channels. I was told that they did not know what they were going to do, or when it would be fixed. I was then offered a 3 dollar credit on bill, that to me is an insult. Needless to say, when my contract expires.....Goodbye Direct TV. More...
    (Cable TV)
    wilmasmom's Picture   wilmasmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv

    I was w/ Direct TV for over 12 years. My DVR stopped working. I called and asked for a replacement. A replacement was sent. Shrtly ther after my wife lost her job. I called to cancel the Direct TV service. There was some concern over the box - would I have to pay for the box. There was never any mention of a cancellation fee. once we found out that I would not have to pay for the box i cancelled the service. After they received the box they charged me $400 dollars for cancelling. Now, while I was tryng to cancel they gave me all kinds of great offers that I had to refuse. Now, I am stuck w/... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mackit7's Picture   mackit7    0 Comments   Comments
  • cheated

    Beware they are angels until you get hooked up then they turn to demons! They are scam artist. They don't want you as a customer they just want your money. They will lie, defraud, cheat, whaterver they have to do to get your money. Do not give them your account number whatever you do! I say we get up a posse and go hang em! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Heebie's Picture   Heebie    3 Comments   Comments
  • terrible service, DVR still broken

    I have had DirectTV for 8 years and pay their protection insurance, and have their highest level of service. The DVR started freezing and skipping. I asked for a replacement, but they insisted it was the cables and sent repairmen out who changed the cables and left. The DVR continued to skip and freeze. I called again that night and asked for a replacement. They told me my case was accelerated to the case manager who would call me between 8 and 10 am the next day. 8-10 came and went. I called again. They promised they'd call within another 2 hours. 10-12 came and went. I called again.... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Direct tv terrible customer service

    I have had DirectTV for 8 years and pay their protection insurance, and have their highest level of service. The DVR started freezing and skipping. I asked for a replacement, but they insisted it was the cables and sent repairmen out who changed the cables and left. The DVR continued to skip and freeze. I called again that night and asked for a replacement. They told me my case was accelerated to the case manager who would call me between 8 and 10 am the next day. 8-10 came and went. I called again. They promised they'd call within another 2 hours. 10-12 came and went. I called again.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    SusanGray's Picture   SusanGray    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Service

    I came back to Direct Tv because they offered me a great deal and since I have been back my service is down and I can't get any help. I have no signal for 2 days and they tell me it will be a week before someone can come out. That is poor service and poor quality of work by its employees. I will not pay a bill until I get some service. More...
    (Cable TV)
    grandson2's Picture   grandson2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV customer service

    My husband is 72 years old and has a pacemaker and half of his foot cut off and his tv is his life.We have been without tv sincethe 15th of May.I can not understand why a tech can not get to our house no sooner than the 24th of May.Hire more techs if need to. A tech was at my step-sons and he did not have time to call and see if we had a ticketopened , he was right next door to us and would not do a thing. Up to this point we have had a good report not now. We are very unhappy with Direct TV. We except tv on and some kind of reward for this kind of service. More...
    (Cable TV)
    alabama1's Picture   alabama1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV customer service complaint

    We have been with Direct TV since 2004. We have talked other people into going with Direct TV. At this time we have no Direct TV.This is the first time I have had to complain.They had me in the floor trouble shooting with a tech for 2 hours. All the while me telling them a tech needed to come out.They finally decided to send a tech on 5/25/09, which is Memorial Day. We went to get groceries and came home and had a message they would be out on May 24th. More...
    (Cable TV)
    alabama1's Picture   alabama1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct tv customer service

    Very desapointed about these service.....the 1st time I had to cancel the insurance because I was broke and guess what.....2 weeks later boom I had to get insurance againg.....Now the company I work for it is not doing too good ...So I had to cut insurance on my Direct TV ....Oh guess what........three weeks later I don"t have F!#@^$$@ signal again.... Is this against people that decides not to have insurance??????????......and it gets better......I have to wait for 10 F(*%@$^&@^ days until the tech shows up..... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Victym's Picture   Victym    0 Comments   Comments
  • I am happy

    Why am I happy? I was very tired of standard cable, so I read the DIRECT TV propaganda and saw an answer to my prayers: so much service for so little money! But wait; I had better look for DIRECT TV complaints, in the unlikely event there should be any such thing. I now realize than practically anyone can start an incompetent satellite TV company; DIRECT TV did! I could even do this, but I'm an analyst who pays attention to the bottom line. Still, DIRECT TV could come after me. Some of their minions might even be competent. I stopped by Best Buy and looked at one of their... More...
    (Cable TV)
    romana's Picture   romana    0 Comments   Comments
  • Theives

    Direct TV withdrew $439.14 from my business account using my debit card. Sad thing is I do not subscribe to direct tv. When I called to clear this up guess what I can only talk to a representative for new service. I am told the finance department will have to handle this but, guess what they do not have a number you cannot talk to them directly you have to fax your information to them and someone will contact you well I have been waiting now about 10 days and still haven't heard a word. What is so funny about it is if I used someones card without authorization I would go to jail for... More...
    (Cable TV)
    autryplumbing's Picture   autryplumbing    1 Comments   Comments
  • 6 year old bill that has b

    So how do I prove a 6 year old bill was paid when I turned on the new service a year later. Your cutting my service after sending a 6 year old bill today and I have surgery on Monday morning and I am unable to defend my self and or prove otherwise before you are scheduled to cut my service off. I have direct tv for the last 4 years and could not have gotten service without paying the old bill. I am a single mom with limited funds and can't afford to pay twice and I will not be in any condition to conduct business for several days/week(s) due to a lengthy recovery time. I live in... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Direct Tv billed me 6 years late

    My encounter with Direct Tv today is that I received a bill from 6 years ago when I lived in Alabama in 2003. In 2005 I signed up for Direct Tv in Texas and they told me I owed a cancellation bill of 331.00 from 2004/05 and that I had to pay it in order to get new service. So I paid it over the phone 4 or 5 years ago. Today I got a message that I am being cut off of service if I don't pay a bill of 331.00 from 6 years ago, the same bill. I called Direct Tv only to be told that it was not their concern that they sent me this email on a Saturday Night 2 days before I am scheduled... More...
    (Cable TV)
    caddodream's Picture   caddodream    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bait and switch

    Consumers beware this is my experience with DIRECT TV. I called and talked with a sales represenitive named Anthony he quoted me my prices for the promotion period for the remainder of the first year and then for the following year of obligation made him do it twice I wrote it all down and repeated it and he confirmed it. After the installation got my first bill and yes of course it did not match what I was quoted so I call talk to a lady named Mary nice enough but no help she state I need to talk to another department and they can request the recorded conversation between Anthony and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jrsbiz's Picture   jrsbiz    0 Comments   Comments

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Rbisme says: (4 years ago)
So, if you are able to be honest, what's the truth here....? Is my first move free as advertised, or will it cost me $75?

crromero says: (6 years ago)
Wish i can demand directv they took money as an error from my bank they damage my bank acount and my credit score i have to wait 30 days for my money back ... i have to pay money to my bank because directv left my account in -$ im so frustrate ... and they tell me that i supose to know that ... soo unhappy

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