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DirecTV Complaint - Apex of amateurism and greed in home entertainment
DirecTV Complaint

DirecTV Complaint


Apex of amateurism and greed in home entertainment

Direct sent 4 "tech's to install my cable.
#1) Didn't change the old cable and it was incompatible so my picture kept blue screening and tiling.
#2) changed the cables but stretched them OVER the carpet and stretched the electric cord so tight it hung 5" in the air. He left waffle stomper tracks in the flower beds and left a gate open so my dogs could have run into the street.
#3)In his re-install of the dish, he broke a 4' piece of fascia off the front of the house and laid it around the side on the ground saying nothing. He told me he was paid "by the job" and didn't have time to explain the best way to set up our system.

#4) We were still having picture problems and blue screening, so Direct sent number 4 out and he was a NIGHTMARE !!! He must of been new of inexperienced as he didn't seem to know what he was doing. He stood on my couch with his dirty boots on, he had huge tool bags on and swing around knocked a leaded glass antique off breaking it into pieces. This man was dangerous to my well being. While Comcast kept raising their prices, in the 8 years I had Comcast their tech's were knowledgeable, polite, and competent, never stepping on my furniture or breaking my antiques.

Now I must pay $7.00 a month so these klutzes can ambush my belongings ?

I wonder what each one would do if they had as lousy a tech come to their house. Also Direct TV has nothing to compare with "On Demand" and I believe they are showing 2nd or 3rd quality programs. Where once Syfy was on 24 /7 with Direct it's goes off the air at

2 AM and other channels seem to be showing reruns and short shut off at 2 AM or earlier.

I'm not naive enough to assume these guys (Direct) are in it to provide the best product they can, they are in it to make money and to provide the very minimum, and they do a damn good job of providing the minimum.

They have hundreds of infomercial channels, and channels like "Brazilian Butt Lift" and you must wade through them to get to actual channels showing actual programs e.g. from channel 28 to 244 there is nothing but "sales" channels, then the Hispanic channels are in-between regular cable and movie channels. It is logical to put all TV first, Movie channels next and Hispanic and Malware (sales) channels at the end but not Direct, they make you wade through crap channels you'd never watch with a gun top your head just to get to what you want. If this is their idea of ":Marketing" they need remedial business courses. Their priorities are all too obvious and blatant and they flaunt things that are inconvenient to their customer, it's as if the customer is an inconvenience. How can they say their customer service is #1 ? I have to pay $7.00 a month so they will come out within a week and when they do I have to batten the hatch. I guess to expect to be treated with respect and like the person who helps write their check is too much in this new world of "get it while you can, and screw everyone twice when you can."

Also all channels are in CAPITALS from 340 to 844 EXCEPT MSNBC and if they did that to Fox folks would tell them just where to put their "service."

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, but why does Direct have to rub it in ? Because they can! Another ugly American Corporation.

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