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DIRECTV Complaint - Double Billing - NFL Ticket
DIRECTV Complaint

DIRECTV Complaint


Double Billing - NFL Ticket

I hope the media takes the information to the public:

I am very curious to understand what Direct TV is being allowed by the FCC to double bill Direct TV NFL Ticket subscribers. Mind you most of us are real “ football “fanatics” and are certainly willing to pay a reasonable fee for a sport we love. However, Direct is taking advantage of their customers.

I purchased a 50” HD TV; invested in a very nice Bose sound system, subscribed to Direct TV HD services (billed monthly); and purchased the NFL Ticket. All set and ready to watch FOOTBALL. When today I find the NFL ticket subscription fee ($300) does not include HD programming. There is an additional charge ($99) to the monthly ($10) access fee for HD programming!!! THIS IS DOUBLE BILLING FOR THE SAME ACCESS. How can a company be allowed to differentiate one program, when they charge a monthly fee for access to that programming? This was never communicated to the subscribers. During the telecast last week.... there was no mention of a "free" preview during the entire day.

Direct TV had a class action law suit several years ago regarding the NFL ticket. I was a part of the action. Initially, Direct TV charged its customers a separate fee for each television that received NFL Ticket. Now they are in essence attempting the same type of tactics.

They have the monopoly on NFL Ticket….when is enough, enough?????

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dominic1030 says: (9 years ago)
I live in Marshall, Texas...and yes, on Sunday I tuned into the nfl sunday ticket channels,(70-708) and got the surprised of my life...no reception except for a msg. which stated that the program was not paid for?????
Trying for four(4) hours to connect with customer service and could never get through, until the games were all done.

At that time, I'm told that I had to cough up another $100.00/dollars to get to watch it in HD?, which I was under the impression, I had already paid for this package earlier???
Finally, after speaking to the supervisor,(JoLynn), she explains to me that I would have to que out of those channels and go back to them via manually depressing the exact channels to watch the nfl packaged channels in non-HD format.

When I told her that this was in my opinion deceptive practice on directv's part, she gave me a one time offer to switch to this other package for an additional, fifty($50.00).

Naturally, I did not accept as I was fuming by the fact that directv actually pulled this deceptive stunt not just on me, but I'm sure on thousands of customers.

I wish there was some way we could do a class action suit to fix this problem.

DR83 says: (9 years ago)
Yes indeed yes indeed DirecTv is redicilous. I to fell into the assumption that since I already pay for an HD package I would be able to recieve the NFL Sunday Ticket in HD. Not the case. I even tried to cancel 5 min after ordering and got a bunch of B.S. from their customer service and cannot cancel. I will deff not be renewing my service with DirecTv and I deff DO NOT RECOMEND ANYONE TO GET THEIR SERVICE EITHER!!! It is way over priced and there is always a fee for something!!! DirecTv is Horrible Horrible Horrible!!!

cincibaron says: (9 years ago)
DirecTV is engaging in deceptive billing practices by double billing for High Definition service. I pay $76 a month for a High Definition package, DVR and programming. I also pay $270.00 for the NFL Sunday Ticket. Now, DirecTV comes out with another spin off of the Sunday Ticket called “Superfan”. The problem is you can only watch High Definition games on the NFL Sunday Ticket with “Superfan”, which is an additional $100.00. How is this not part of the High Definition plan I already paid for? Sunday Ticket is not cheap. Yes, I realize there are other features with “Superfan”. So perhaps DirecTV should sell those features separately. These practices are deceptive and wrong. Please stand up and file a complaint – it works!

cincibaron says: (9 years ago)
Takes about 15 mintues to file a complaint with the BBB and (even better) with the FCC. Both have on line complaint forms and both get results! Goodbye double billing by DirecTV!!

cincibaron says: (9 years ago)
DirecTV charges for a HD package. However, you must pay a second fee if you want to watch their football games in HD. This is double billing plain and simple. People can explain it however they want, but it is just another way for DirecTV to tap inot a customer’s pocket books and the customers aren't fooled. As previously mentiobeing this is something that is being complained about nationally. DirecTV even offers refunds to those who complain the loudest - which makes me think they know it is wrong to bill twice for High Def services, just because they are on different channels. Regroup DirecTV and fix this problem! NO MORE double billing!

waynescrane says: (10 years ago)
i had nfl sunday ticket 3 yrs ago which i cancelled. i just today found out i was paying for it the last 2 seasons as well i didnt even know i still had it. i want my money back for those last 2yrs and all i get is more b.s. if you dont notify them it aotomaticly renews this cant be legal is there any one out there with the balls to help fight this seemingly unfair practice

PackerFan says: (10 years ago)
I have been a DirTV customer for about 9 years with 7 of them NFL ticket only. In September they automatically added the Family pkg for $29.99/month. I never agreed to this and was told by both the first level and 2nd level DirTV phone support that I had no choice that a minimum pkg was required for the NFL ticket. When did this change and how can they legally force this on me mid season. I will likely drop them next year because this will add another $180/year to the NFL ticket cost. I currently pay the monthly HD and DVR fees for 6 months of the year and then suspend the account in the off season. This is on top of the already inflated pricing and the fact that they stick you with the requirement of adding Super Fan to get any of the games in HD.

vehlan says: (10 years ago)
I have enlisted the Attorney General here in Maryland. They have taken on the case and I am waiting for a response from Direct TV.

penny says: (10 years ago)
We just found out today that after paying $279 for the football package we cannot get HD either. These people are crooks. We intend to cancel the service.

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