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DIRECTV Complaint - damage claims
DIRECTV Complaint

DIRECTV Complaint


damage claims

Lightening struck the dish on my roof. Fried two almost new flat screen TVs (42"and 54")and one older 32"; fried 2 receivers I owned; fried all wiring both coaxil and electrical in the walls that TVs were connected two. Called Direc TV was told that it was my problem. Now I find out that THEIR installer had not grounded the antenna.This violated the UBC and NEC codes. Direc TV is responsible and yet they refuse to pay for the damage. I am a widowed senior citizen and I cannot afford to replace this equipment.

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PissedInEtx says: (5 years ago)
We just had Directv installed at our home yesterday; being an old Dish Installer myself (and a perfectionist), I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the installation, as well as the ethics of the individual who installed the system.
My wife comes home from work at approximately 5 p.m. and finds the installer working in the attic... the access door is in the back of the home, located in my home office... the front door is standing wide open, as well as the garage door in the back, and there's a heat index of 105 degrees, a/c is working overtime. In addition to this, the appearance of the cabling and dish was very unprofessional and sloppy. (Back when I was an installer, I would have been canned for that alone!) The installer had no reference materials, such as guides, operating instructions, and gave my wife and mother-in-law no instruction on the operation of the system. Neither did he stay around for the (4) systems to complete their downloads. I arrived shortly before the installer's departure, but I wasn't given time to inspect anything before he left, and only learning about these problems afterwards. On top of all this, I went to each room to inspect his workmanship; oh boy... cables left hanging out of all the TV stands, personal property and accessories scattered or misplaced, etc... Then the big "OH-NO"! As I was inspecting the installation in the living room, I found that the guy had removed the shelve over the flat screen on our entertainment center (totally unnecessary, since the TV swivels 180 degrees either direction) Well, whilst this moron was attempting to remove this shelve, he ignored the fact that there were some personal items being displayed upon the shelf, very special items that mean a lot to us and our family, irreplaceable heirlooms and such... I found those items (glass & porcelain) in pieces behind the TV and entertainment center. The 'effin disrespectful idiot didn't even inform us that he had any problems, and/or damaged anything! Now we are out of some very sentimental belongings, and all Directv can say is, "What's the value?" Dammit! It's not the worth that bothers me, but instead it's the quality of service and the ethical aspects of their employees. If this numbskull would do this and then not inform us, then now I'm worried about the installation quality, i.e. the roof mount, the cabling, and on and on and on. I've decided that I'm going to have them send a senior installer to inspect the work this moron did, and I'm going to make them offer me a value for the damage that was done to our personal property.

QBartholomew says: (5 years ago)
You sent incompetent workers to my home to install a dish - there was already a dish installed on my roof but your employees explained that they couldn't climb on the roof to determine if that dish were working (note that a Direct TV employee had previosly installed that dish on my roof)Instead, your imcompetent employees buried a dish, on a pole, in my front yard and attached a cable to an unstationary piece of metal from the porch to a roof, and from the roof down the front of my house to a hole that they stabbed into my house to connect the cable. Note that they had too much cable so they looped the excess cable around and round on the front of my home rather than cutting the cable to the correct length - I now have a huge cable in the yard in the front of my home with black cable attached to vinyl siding via screws that cannot be removed without leaving huge holes to correct their stupid error.

Your employees told me that someone would contact me for an assessment of their performance - of course, no one ever called me probably because Direct TV knew, in advamce. that they would have no pleased customers.

You and your incompetent staff have ruined the front exterior of my home - you screwed unnecessary screws into vinyl siding which can't be removed withoug leaving gaping holes in the existing siding requiring that the entire siding be replaced - hopefully, you are willing to replace the exterior siding to correct the error by your incompetent employees.

I cannot believe that Direct TV would think that it's customers in East Texas, specifically in Hopkins County, would tolerate the inferior and unacceptable service that you provided at my home in Sulphur Bluff, Texas. You have, essentially, ruined the front of my home and have destroyed the esthetic quality of my home. I would hope that you would rush to offer to repair the unnessecary damage that your inferior staff did to my home. I look forward to receiving you offer of compensation

shartla3629 says: (5 years ago)
i guess i'll find out whether or not DirecTv will do anything about my claim. the installer did not ground the dish, instead he piggy-backed the ground from the ground block to an old, existing 3/8" corroded ground rod that was installed years ago by the cable company and the old ground clamp was not even tightened or checked. he just stuck his ground wire down in the space between the rod and the clamp. last month, they had to replace one of the DirecTv boxes froma lightening strike and in a recent lightening storm, we lost two TVs, one just 3 months out of warranty and cannot be fixed, which was connected to the same outlet that got hit previously. the other TV lost the main HDMI-1 input and is still awaiting the repair shop's diagnosis. both TVs were connected using HDMI cables to the main HDMI-1 input, which i now find out is the most succeptible to damage from static/lightening. add to that, the dish was not grounded to the electric company's house ground and i don't see how they can get out of paying for the damage. but, i'm sure they will try. i promise you this, i will not give up and will hound them until they pay or i will file a small claims lawsuit for the maximum amount for my time, stress and to replace my TVs. the tech that came out today to resolve the issue ran a dedicated ground from the dish to the house power ground and also witnessed the loose piggy-backed ground the installer did.

we'll see what happens...

advice to all that have satellite TV as well as cable, do not use HDMI-1 input. if you don't have Component cables, use HDMI-2 input. it is far less likely to be hit by lightening/static and if it is, it might not ruin your TV. (according to local TV repair technician with 30 years experience)

meljday says: (7 years ago)
my account #44657438 summited a damage claim in midjanuary and have not received any information back. claim was mailed to Junior Candelaria ww30 E Imperial Hvy. El Segundo GA 90245 The damages was incured in Dece over cristmas time and was delayed untill late january as locale personnel required a lisense electirc inspection of my quarter

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