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DIRECTV Support Ticket - Kingston, Pennsylvania - Direct TV Lies

DIRECTV Support Ticket - Kingston, Pennsylvania

Direct TV Lies - DIRECTV billing

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Priority Level: [Low] Status: [Open]
Created: 6 years ago Last Updated: 6 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 1
Product: DIRECTV billing

To whom it may concern, I have been in a dispute with Direct TV for over a week. This started two years ago when i did not authorize them to auto debit my account for my bill. Then last December 2011 when I called to cancel NFL ticket and to change my package plan from Premium to Choice. Once I canceled NFL ticket, on my next month’s bill (January 2012) I saw that the NFL Ticket was still on my bill. I called, and was given a refund. I told Direct TV that I NEVER wanted NFL ticket again! In April I moved, while talking with a Direct TV agent to set up a moving date, Direct TV offered me Internet as a bundled package. I SPECIFICALLY said, “Would I only have one bill even though the Internet was from the Verizon carrier”, the sales associate said YES!!! So I took the deal and I now have a direct TV bill and a Verizon bill. It is not a bundle package and there is no good deal! Also, upon moving they told me of a Free HBO deal for 3 months. I did not want this promotion, however was coerced and reluctantly took it being assured that after 3 months it would be done and I would not get charged. I have now been charged from July through October for HBO services that I did not want or even realize I had. Due to the fact that the only two stations that are ever on my TV are Nick JR and Sprout. I do not watch TV, my daughter watches those two channels during the day and my Husband watches the news or Travel channel at night. Also, I was unaware of the charges because I am emailed my amount due. I don’t normally look at my bill, other than when I need a phone number, due to me getting my balance through email. Then in June or July, there was a dispute between Direct TV and Nick JR, etc… which was fine, however I lost the main stations we watched and the main station I have stressed that is the only station I need, which is Nick JR. We received free movie channels which were not geared for children AT ALL!! So I lost most of my daughters programs for a month. Then we come to August, my bill was high. Too, high for what my package is. So I called, and come to find out I am paying for NFL ticket again!!!! Which I DID NOT KNOW I even had since I canceled it in DECEMBER!! Also, during this conversation Direct TV sales associate still did not inform me I was paying for HBO, when the main reason I called was to find out why my bill was so high. So, I canceled the NFL ticket and paid my bill. I tried to cancel my Services in August but it would have been too much money to do this at the time. Now, its October, my bill is once again ridiculously high, I knew I had a past due amount and needed to pay it so I figured that was why. Then my husband checked the bill and on the bill was NFL ticket and HBO!!! Two things I did not know was on there and one of them I canceled TWO TIMES!! So I called Direct TV on Monday October 15, 2012 and complained about the items I canceled and hidden charges. The man I spoke with said there was nothing he could do because at that time my services were suspended. I then asked to speak to a higher authority and instead of allowing me to speak to someone; he did the work and said my MAIN balance was now down to $60.83. I was still not happy with this because of the fact that for 6-7 months I had been unaware of NFL ticket and now for 3 months unaware of HBO charges and still had a balance. I feel the whole balance should be eliminated because I did make steps to call and cancel service that were unwanted, and it is not my fault that they are still on the bill months later. Also, I have been in constant dispute with Direct TV since getting services. I tried to cancel twice, and was told I would have to pay the balance for the months that were left of my contract. After my first contract was up I gave direct TV a second chance because I had not had problems for a while, but then a few months after my second term started the problems came back. I even referred customers, including my parents and they too have had these problems. I asked the man on Monday October 15, 2012 if there was anyone else I can talk to and he said not until my bill was paid, which was supposed to be the $60.83. Today, October 19, 2012, I received a phone call that I owe $221.11. Which is ridiculous considering on Monday it was $60.83, the lady who called told me she did not know how to resolve the dispute and gave me the address where I could send my dispute letter. If this is not resolved I will seek Legal action against Direct TV since this is not the first time this has happened and inconvenienced me and my family. We are now going without TV because I REFUSE to pay anything until I feel this issue has been resolved and will not happen EVER again!!
Direct TV Services are horrible. The customer service represenatives lie (probably not their fault but the companies) There are Hidden charges and they tack items on your bill that you have canceled or do not want


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